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Might & Magic: Raiders

Might & Magic: Raiders

Release Date:  Unknown
Publisher:  Ubisoft
Developer:  Ubisoft
Genre:  RPG

Might & Magic: Raiders (Officially Called MMR for Short) is an upcoming action MMORPG by Ubisoft China for Windows. In the game, you are able to choose one of 4 different classes to fetch missions in the Might & Magic universe. Along the way, you may encounter some demons and boss monsters that attack anyone trying to get close to them. On the one hand, you can team up with other players to compete against the monsters and one the other hand, you can challenge them alone as long as you train your characters with compelling skills and equip them with powerful weapons.


As the title indicates, Might & Magic: Raiders is based on the Role playing game Might and Magic series with a subtitle “Raiders” reflecting on the fact that players should form a powerful team to defeat boss monsters. To some degree, the game requires the player, a raid leader or a raider member, to develop his or her strategy to cope with the complexities ahead in order to win the battle, or get the loots.

You have a choice of four classes, all of which have different abilities. Your character will be fully customizable because you can not only buy the cosmetics in the shop, or equip your character with armor, weapons and crystals, which are accessible from enemy’s loots. By using the gems or crystals, you can unlock more skills based on your class you choose.

As in most action role-playing dungeon crawlers, Might and Magic Raiders also features a chain of dungeons, widely known as raids. During your raid, you could easily handle the enemies around you, but after you play 10 minutes or more, you will become busy cleaning up the opponents, and in the end there’s still a boss which will drop items if killed.

However, Ubisoft did not disclose more details except for some FAQs on the game’s official website. One thing for sure is that the game is free to play and the whole development is executed by the Ubisoft China Team. This perhaps suggests that the game will be made as a Typical Chinese Game:”Free to play with micro-transaction payment model”.


DotMMO will keep you updated on the upcoming events of the game. Stay Tuned! The full review once we could have access to the game.

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  1. Werepanda says:

    6.2? even though nobody has ever had their hands on the game yet, I would rate it as an 8.7 at least. I mean look at the graphics of that thing it's gorgeous and it's basically a free version of torchlight, so it's a win for me.

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