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Millionaire City

Millionaire City

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Digital Chocolate
Developer:  Digital Chocolate

Wanna know what it feels like to be a millionaire? Set foot in Millionaire City, open your own business, build a thriving city and see your fortune amassing step by step! You start everything from scratch. Every move matters, therefore, give your wisdom full potential! You can hire a competent advisor to assist your wealth-accumulating journey. You buy property, construct gorgeous buildings, sign profitable contracts and become a millionaire. Furthermore, you can decorate the city as you like. There are all kinds of missions awaiting you. The completion will earn you experience points and coins. You can also invite your friends to play with you.

Perhaps everybody is dreaming of being an Millionaire in the metropolis where he or she could freely do whatever money could handle. Yet, that is not true in the real life. But in the game, there is no problem that you become an Millionaire in the modern city.

The online strategy game Millionaire City makes players become city planners to govern the whole things in the virtual city. At the beginning, a very small town should be transformed into a thriving metropolis through smart investments and clever tactics so much so that you are able to earn as much money as possible and to achieve given mission objectives.

It is more likely that the game principle of “Millionaire City” is inspired from the classic Facebook simulation game “Sim City”, which also encourages players to erect and manage cities from zero. The focus of “Millionaire City” is, however, to attempts to earn more money than to deliver a pure city planning. Of course, you cannot earn real money from this game, but really spend money on it.

Millionaire City requires you to keep building new buildings, which euphemistically helps you maximize profits. In order to do so, you must spend your time and money to build your surroundings: trees and parks to ensure that the residents feel at home in the city and are not going to move away.

Apart from the basic facilities and infrastructure, the commercial buildings could let players to gain a large amount of profits, yet at a higher cost.

Since it is a social networking game, you can get your sales increased by visiting the cities of your friends, which also a great method to promote the game.

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  1. Heliborio says:

    Is this supposed to be a guide???

  2. juan says:

    como se llaga a la tercera isla del army attack tengo esa duda soy aministrador de un grupo y liberan las dos islas o solo ahi queda el juego o no tiene mas continuacion desde ya muchas gracias

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