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Ministry of War

Ministry of War

Release Date:  2010/8
Publisher:  Snail Games, GameStop, Kongregate
Developer:  Snail Games
Genre:  Strategy

Ministry of War is a browser-based strategy game developed by SnailGames and published by Kongregate, Gpotato and Aeria Games, and Kongregate. It is also published by Media Kingdom Limited under the new name “Imperial Warfare” . In 2010, the game was licensed to Gpotato that publish it using Terra Militaris.

For these publishers, they work with Snail game to earn revenues under the agreement of Revenue sharing model. This model is pretty popular in China, Germany and USA. Basically, both of developer and publisher can enjoy a 50% revenue share if no license fees are charged. But if a publisher seeks to exclusively publish the game, it may pay publisher the upfront licensed fees. Take Ministry of War for example, Gpotato paid Snail Game about 50K Euro to gain an exclusive publishing right in EU, according to the person who is tied with both of companies. Learn More our review.

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If you care for grand, epic warfare spreading among a huge map rather than constrained in a small-scale; and if you prefer to fight for a doubtless, definite ending which is either to win or to lose without a happy in-between that all are winners, then Ministry of War is your perfect game.

Ministry of War developed by Snail Games is labeled as a free browser real-time strategy MMORPG around the themes of empire building and warfare. The storyline of Ministry of War is unfolded against a huge background which is encompassing four ancient civilizations, that is, China, Rome, Egypt and Persia, dated back to the medieval ages. Players can feel free to choose from any of the four nations as the starting point. As a typical game characteristic with city building and real-time strategy, this online RTS will follow a traditional development scheme, which contains resource collection, city construction and military expansion successively.

No matter which civilization players choose, they will nonetheless start from small non-developed areas, which will grow and evolve gradually through progressive phases from the Dark Age to Empire State. During this process, players will at each age construct suitable architectures, forge corresponding units with related abilities, take varied quests and live up to completely different challenges. When expanding their empires, players can explore and claim the wilderness of uninhabited territory, while at the same time they can also fight against rivals for space.

As to the military units, four types listed as melee, ranged, cavalry and siege units are at players’ disposal. Since each type has both strong and weak points, players need to come up with the wisest formation of them to draw upon the strength while circumventing the weakness. With war as the core, Ministry of War boasts diversified combat modes, including PvE, PvP and GvG (Guild versus Guild).

In various real-time battles, players can have chance to confront NPCs, powerful Bosses and other players single-handedly or as part of a guild. With the overall four civilizations scattered in the huge world map, players can lead their troops in alliance with other strong powers to set foot in every corner of the globe for economic benefits as well as political dominance. And in this browser game, one highlight is its Endgame, in which four civilizations will meet to fight the supreme war for the title of Champion, the ruler of the whole world. It is a great event, or rather the ultimate purpose, for all players, for in this final battle their abilities will be tested and destiny will be determined.

In the world of Ministry of War, there is no compromising end, that is, players will be written into history either as a winner or a loser. To be or not to be; that is a question. Only you yourselves know the answer.

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  10. Cozack says:

    Unless you have $1000 to waste on this game, don't bother. Although it's "free-to-play", there is a huge gap between paying and non-paying players. WIthout spending major cash, you won't be able to get decent gear or level your heros.

  11. Cyanstorm says:

    Cheating in this game is so common it's not even funny.

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  15. thomas lane says:

    this game encourages bullying
    the gms some of them who are responsible for looking after the game are not neutral
    they choose sides and abuse their power to help those they consider a friend
    gmgenavimex uses his power to intimidate players those who speak out are banned
    this game only carters to those who spend money
    when you have issues it takes forever for the gm to get it fixed but if your a coiner or a person who spends money within minutes the problem is rectified
    this game is a game in which money is paid yet we have people who are involved in the creation of the game taking sides and helping server people
    which isnot fair they are suppose to stay neutral
    i wouldnot recommend this game unless you like spending money

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