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Miscrits of Volcano Island

Miscrits of Volcano Island

Release Date:  2011/12
Publisher:  Broken Bulb Studios
Developer:  Broken Bulb Studios
Genre:  RPG

Miscrits of Volcano Island is a free extension of Facebook Pokemon-themed RPG Miscrits: World of Adventure developed by  Broken Bulb Studios. The new extension, which also is considered a new Game or App, continues the current Miscrits story and leads players into an endless exploration in all directions. Starting from the jungle in Volcano Island, players can experience new maps and explore new miscrits.


Travelling in the game is a thinking process, during which you have to decide direction to go and remember details of the target house and area. It’s no doubt that a great number of beginners have undergone a hard time finding the way out of the village.

But everything will be amazing after you familiarize yourself with the map and battle interface to find miscrits and control miscrits in battles. And what is a miscrit? A general term for all that you captured in the wild. Any form of battle won’t happen if you don’t have a usable miscrit. You cannot even catch a new miscrit without an effective miscrit at hand. For example, when your pets are either weak or ill, you can do nothing but wait. When all the usable miscrits are fire type, you can never succeed in catching a water type or fire type pet. You cannot even sell fire-type pets to the village collector across the river, as they hate water and refuse to go aboard. As taught by the helper-NPC in the game: fire fears water, water fears nature (with a vine skill), and nature fears fire. But I failed to remember this crucial rule in mind and neglected to look into the nature description of each miscrit. I misused them and got them all ill in bed moaning, until I find the healer in the healing station to ask for a cure.

You are encouraged to go deeper to know what a large world you have been engaged in. The map just keeps extending that a friend of mine at 200-level is still progressing for new challenges. 22 kinds of miscrits in 22 shapes are hidden out there, each with 3 chances of evolution (and hence transform). That’s to say, you can witness 88 miscrits if you are lucky and adventurous enough. It’s said that some has tamed and used 400 plus miscrits. I have encountered miscrits in the following shapes: Hummingbird, flower, scorpion, panda, bird, ant, beetle, carp, pangolin, chick crocodile, wizard, monkey, tortoise, parakeet, ape, squid, and frog. This game has just offered you a museum of pets. Each time you run into a new miscrit, you fall in love once again! All these creatures are nimble and lovely, with a sense of cheer. Even the largest one shows no swollen muscles and exaggerated bodyweight. I personally think this is a Chinese style, because all of the Miscrits can be used for a mascot. None of them carries the pressure of individualistic heroism, which is characteristic of America. Another reason that favors my assumption is Miscrits work under the framework of 6 Elementums like that of Chinese 5 Elements.

The skill system is properly complex and some seemingly useless pet may help you conquer the toughest enemy only if you give an extensive play to the water-fire-nature rule. Beginners and middle-grade gamers should give a serious thought over every unique skill term for a better behavior and hardcore players are all determined to collect a complete system of miscrits.

But high payoff suggests high risk. The higher level you are on, the harder you will find a miscrit, and the bigger challenge your miscrit will face. For example, you can catch a low-level miscrit in a tree, a bush but an elite miscrit may hide in a cave on the riverbank or a statue out of the water. Your pet may lose ten health points in a low-level battle, but it may be 150 points in a high one. The battlefield is a big leaf of a plant in earlier period, and then it turns to a flat rock. You may also engage in contests in a theater to combat for a large audience to watch.

With the level-up of miscrits, you will rank up yourself and improve all of your traits: devoted, inspired, well fed, fortified, energized, concentration, fortunate, eager, characteristic, scholarly, brutal, willpower. Look, I didn’t know a man had so many facets to develop and so many channels to succeed. This trait system is pretty easy to understand and choose. Some other games just provide a different system of health terms or trait terms far beyond my understanding.

Of course, Miscrits of Volcano Island is not without defects. Quests didn’t come up at the right time. When I have all my pets failed in bed, new quests winked asking me to train them. When I confronted an enemy beyond the power of my existing miscrits, the “man figure” meant to hint a runaway is shown in a blank grey and didn’t catch my eye. Instead, in a central position it loudly reads: it’s your turn! So the result is, as you can imagine, a suicide. And I didn’t make out a way to continue the game without paying, as I hate to have paid this soon. No rewarding quests are shown while I’m imagining tons of quests that can satisfy both gamers and developers, like taking a guess about future details of this game or relatively complicated in-game knowledge to recite in a limited time.

However, with a combination of Hollywood-style ambition and an eastern-style beauty, Miscrits of Volcano Island has been the first game that triggers my desire to carry it through as soon as possible.

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