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Miscrits: World of Adventure

Miscrits: World of Adventure

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Broken Bulb Studios
Developer:  Broken Bulb Studios

Miscrits: World of Adventure is an exceptionally ambitious game that takes the best concept of Monster Galaxy and a bit from Pokemon. In Miscrits, you can search Miscrits, collect Coin and battle against other Miscrits. The game aims to deliver a deep and engrossing gameplay experience consisting of both pet battling and pet raising.

Players can also explore maps like Sunfall Kingdom, and Volcano Island (a new expansion).


The game is light and fairly straightforward. You start off choosing your avatar and customizing his or her appearance which seems to be inspired by some sort of medieval and ancient looks. Then you are shown an introduction to the game story. You are found lying unconsciously on the path of a dense forest. Upon recovering consciousness, you realize that you have lost all your memory of the past. After you choose one of three (sounds familiar?) pets which are gifted as indispensable friends when you attempt to travel through the dangerous forest, you get to search for a wild miscrit pet and engage into the tutorial battle. Like Pokemon and Monster Galaxy, the game is much like a turn-based RPG when in combat mode, and you are going to strategically pick your actions. You can attack again when the opposing miscrit pet has finished its turn.

However, the ultimate goal is not to eliminate but rather capture it. Capturing miscrit pet is a bit more difficult than mindless kill; you may only do so when it is nearly dead (one hit point away from being killed is preferred). Each miscrit pet has a variety of attributes composed of HP, elemental attack, physical attack, elemental defense, physical defense and speed, which determine how well it performs in battles. As you win battles, pet can earn experiences points, which allow it to level-up in order to get primary stats boosted, or learn new special moves. Eventually, pets can evolve into an advanced form. Seasoned Pokemon players shouldn’t have any problem to familiarize themselves with these ingame mechanics. Additionally, pets also work on elemental affinity like Pokemon. So it is important to adventure with a balanced team of pets.

Miscrits is appealing, because you are free to explore a fair sized wilderness map for pets so that you don’t have to worry about being randomly ambushed by stray enemy pets. This is done by hovering the mouse cursor over every tree/shrub/flower and left-clicking when it becomes highlighted.

Miscrits also features a town called Sunfall village where you can train your pets using the trainer points earned from battles. There is also a shop available for purchasing power-ups. You can find your own house where you can change your appearance with the mirror. Other advanced option such as house decoration isn’t yet implemented. PvP, a long-standing feature of MMO, also makes the game more interesting and keeps many players coming back for more due to its social nature. You have to reach at least level 5 before you get the admission to enter the battle arena.

Overall, Miscrits is competitive game with its own unique features although it bears many resemblances to Pokemon and other fairly new Pokemon variants on Facebook. It has a pretty nice look and some potential. You have the free will option to veer off the path in search of pets hiding underneath any possible objects. The gameplay comes quite easy but it won’t get you bored at a quick pace. But it is a little incomplete as it stands right now, with lots of features still listed as “coming soon”. Hopefully the developers will add some more content soon so as to make Miscrits become a very good Facebook game.

Facebook game site http://www.facebook.com/miscrits

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  1. Gwenelda says:

    I was really confused, and this answered all my qeutsinos.

  2. gabriel says:

    this game is awesome!!!!

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  4. lian reynes says:

    i want a many gold,credits,gems,platinum

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