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Mister X Online

Mister X Online

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Bigpoint
Developer:  Ravensburger Digital
Genre:  Puzzle, Crime, Action

Tall and slim, he wanders casually with a walking stick, a smoking pipe in mouth and a black bowler on head; ordinary though he appears, he simply leaves no clue unexamined with his observant eyes; gentle as he seems, he seldom loses the bell as a master of boxing, swordsmanship, and marksmanship. Besides, he is an erudite in various disciplines such as chemistry, psychology, math, anatomy and language; while at the same time he is also fond of concert and good at playing violin himself. Nearly everyone knows his name: Sherlock Holmes. And now in Mister X Online, you have a chance to put yourself into his shoes.

Mister X Online, a quality product of Bigpoint and Ravensburger Digital, is now coming online. As an adapted version of Scotland Yard, a classic board game of Ravensburger, Mister X Online can be seen as a sequel MMO game, which is now accessible in Germany. While it keeps the essential, entertaining elements of broad game, this game without fail introduces new features, promising to usher players into a game world they have never known.

Seeing is believing. Period. Once entering the game world, players ten to one will be carried away by the adventurous world of espionage full of capturing graphics and comic-styled figures. Following the immersive in-game storyline, players will act out the role of agents or detectives, traveling from city to city to chase the elusive Mister X, a wanted criminal, as well as his accessories. There are three different character classes for players to choose from. So players can be intelligent, physically strong or technologically proficient. And the choice of class has close and direct bearing on the follow-ups in the game, particularly on the enhancement of each one’s skills.

In Mister X Online, you play as an agent or detective working for agencies and takeing various missions in a wide range of cities. With each mission properly settled down, clues about Mr. X’s whereabouts are emerging into the surface. The gameplays does not strictly obeys the mechanism of CSI Crime City, and The Investigator: Murder In Hope Town, but you ought to collect information by bits and piece them together like finishing a jigsaw puzzle, so as to hunt down Mr. X. In the hunting process, players will have various vehicles and high-tech items at their disposal. Besides not only can you choose to complete missions alone, but at the same time you can also count on each other to trap criminals by concerted efforts.

So modern Holmes, activate your observation and deduction ability and hunt down this mysterious Mr. X.

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