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Mister X Trailer Released, MMO based on Board game Scotland Yard

Sara Lau
May 19,2011  04:05 by

The big news today is the release of Mister X Online trailer, which is officially uploaded yesterday, Bigpoint obviously adding the game into its rollout lineup this year. The agent browser game Mister X Online puts players in a detective role to investigate the crimes and cases. The lineup also includes titles like RamaCity, Aquarama and Drakensang Online. When Exactly the title is due out, however, Bigpoint has not yet revealed.

But the organizers have already had a trailer for Mister X Online. With only 45 seconds, we would rather call this short video a mini teaser. After all, development is a long way and they have been making a great step toward the official release.

Based on the classic board game Scotland Yard, Mister X allows players to take the role of an agent and set out to hunt for the mysterious stuff. This is only the basic part of the game, and the deep part lies in its multiplayer mode where players could interact with each other and make social communication online.

According to the official website, there will be three character classes to choose from. As usual, each of them has certain characteristics and talents. These can be expanded as the game continues. This requires that the players earn enough experience points, which are needed to perfect skill attributes.

The online game Mister X is developed by Bigpoint in collaboration with Ravensburger. Are you going to uncover the criminal conspiracy upcoming?

Bigpoint yesterday announced the open beta of 3d browser Shooter game Ruined Online, play this game on your browser.

Go directly to the trailer Page http://www.dotmmo.com/mister-x-online-1408.html

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