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Monkey King Online
  • Monkey King Online

  • Posted on  Mar 31,2014  03:03 , by Sara Lau
  • If you’re familiar with the Chinese epic, Journey to the West, you’ll recognize the titular character in the latest browser MMORPG from R2Games, Monkey King Online. Indeed, MKO is based on the world of Journey to the West. Plenty of artistic liberties have been taken, but the core qualities of the Monkey King’s story have been kept: he’s powerful and he’s ready to wreak havoc in heaven after being imprisoned under a rock for half a millennium. Review: Right from the start of the game, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your character’s class. You’ve got the staff-wielding Monkey King, [...] read »

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Dogs of War Online
  • Dogs of War Online

  • Posted on  Mar 17,2014  02:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Dogs of War Online is a free-to play online strategy game where players create their own army of mercenaries and fight others in turn-based tactical battles. The game draws heavily from Confrontation, the eponymous board game published by Rackham Entertainment. There are 24 unique units to choose out of three playable factions: Light, Darkness, and Destiny. Each of the unit is endowed with distinct characteristics and abilities. Players can use their army points to pick up their mercenaries out of these units and compose a well-customized army. An original quest system allows players to test their strategic skills and their [...] read »

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Review
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Review

  • Posted on  Mar 14,2014  04:03 , by Sara Lau
  • There’s no doubt that Blizzard is a titanic force in the gaming industry. In fact, Blizzard is one of the only companies that can still turn heads when it announces a new free-to-play collectible card game (CCG) in a market where there are already scores of other options. That game is Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and it’s wild success during its beta period means you’ve probably already heard of it. After a seven-month beta period and nearly a year since its initial announcement, Hearthstone was officially released this past Tuesday. It’s very easy to compare Hearthstone to Magic: The Gathering [...] read »

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Dead Island: Epidemic
  • Dead Island: Epidemic

  • Posted on  Mar 10,2014  06:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Dead Island: Epidemic, the spin-off of Dead Island, is an upcoming zombie-themed MOBA from Deep Silver. It is set in the Dead Island universe and features an arsenal of customizable weapons, a range of powerful skills and old-fashioned teamwork. The game boasts a core play mode named Battle Royal, where three teams consists of up to four players each compete on the battleground for resources, key points, and survival under the attack of hordes of CPU-controlled zombies. With simple WASD key setup and mouse controls, Dead Island: Epidemic is easy to pick up and play. Players don’t have to struggle [...] read »

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Velvet Sundown
  • Velvet Sundown

  • Posted on  Feb 23,2014  01:02 , by Sara Lau
  • Velvet Sundown is an extraordinary browser-based role-playing game with an amazingly significant share of social interaction. The game is totally free-to-play, demanding no XP grinding or precise controlling. When you first enter the game, you are on board of a luxury yacht with several other passengers in the middle of the Caribbean. Who are you? What the hell are you doing there? All the secrets are awaiting you to uncover. You will partake in a constantly evolving storyline where you play as one of 11 in-depth characters, each with their own personality and background story. Every identity means a brand [...] read »

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World of Speed
  • World of Speed

  • Posted on  Feb 17,2014  02:02 , by Sara Lau
  • World of Speed is an upcoming free-to-play racing MMO developed by a group of experienced game producers behind Need for Speed: Shift, Shift 2: Unleashed, Project CARS and more. World of Speed boasts a team-based play, which allows players to team up in Clubs and work together to race against rival clubs. In the game, players can call in friends and others players from all over the world to form Clubs, where they can design their own logo and earn access to Club garage social hub. The core concept of cooperative racing is to take control of a given track. Being the [...] read »

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To The Death
  • To The Death

  • Posted on  Feb 11,2014  06:02 , by Sara Lau
  • To The Death is a mash-up of beat ‘em up and shoot ‘em up from a team of industry vets — Scary Mostro (Call of Duty series, Titanfall) and Section Studios (God of War series). The game follows two warriors locked in intense vendettas against each other. In fact, they have already killed each other, but their fight continues in The Crawl, the space between life and death. In their fight during life, the two warriors decimated their lands to ash. They find themselves on opposite sides of The Crawl and are running headlong at each other, destroying everything in [...] read »

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • Posted on  Jan 27,2014  01:01 , by Sara Lau
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an upcoming first-person, medieval sandbox and RPG. The company behind it is new — Warhorse Studios — but its filled with industry vets who worked on such games as Mafia, ArmA, Operation Flashpoint, Crysis 3, and Forza Horizon. Warhorse is focused on delivering a very realistic experience, summed up in the tagline: Dungeons & No Dragons. The story is set in a bleak moment of early 15th century Europe. The old king is dead and the new king has been kidnapped by his brother who his sending in his own army to plunder the land. Civil [...] read »

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Aura Kingdom
  • Aura Kingdom

  • Posted on  Jan 10,2014  01:01 , by Sara Lau
  • Aeria Games, along with X-Legend Entertainment (the team behind Eden Eternal), is launching its biggest game to date: the epic and free-to-play Aura Kingdom. It features gorgeous anime-styled artwork, weapons-based classes, and a deep AI companion system. Team up with these valiant companions and other players as you journey through an expansive and beautiful fantasy world. Overview: It doesn’t take long at all to take notice of the game’s jaw-dropping visual artwork. The world is full of detailed environments, exotic locations, curious creatures, and interesting characters. The animations are smooth so exploration and combat feels fluid and fast-paced. The game’s [...] read »

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  • Deadbreed

  • Posted on  Jan 10,2014  01:01 , by Sara Lau
  • Deadbreed is a new MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) seeking to fill a darker and more hardcore niche in the genre. The independent team behind Deadbreed is Sweden-based and full of industry veterans including former Just Cause dev, Stefan Ljungqvist. Deadbreed started with Stefan’s desire to totally customize how his MOBA characters looked and played — and then his inability to find an existing MOBA that provided that flexibility. Accordingly, Deadbreed has been designed from the ground to provide players with deep control over the way their heroes look and, more importantly, play. Players can choose between a wide range [...] read »

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