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MMOs at Gamescom 2011

Sara Lau
Aug 17,2011  01:08 by

We’ve decided to head for Cologne Exhibition Centre and participate in the long-awaited Gamescom 2011. Who cares whether it will be sunny or rainy the next day! Foul weather can never stop us!

Gamescom is an annual event which has been held for two years consecutively in Cologne. Gamescom 2011 is just around the corner. Hopefully, we will be thrilled for the third time by this enormous exhibition. Now we will offer you some forecasts about the upcoming MMOs in this world’s largest games event.

This year, we will also whiz through all the halls at Gamescom just to miss no announcements and news. What online games are waiting for us at Gamescom? Can we expect any surprises? Don’t rack your brains any longer! We will let you know!

Carbine Studios, a software development division of NCsoft, will reveal a new MMO project on Gamescom 2011. The publishers and developers still keep silent about this mysterious game, but Carbine Studios has released a debut trailer which whips up curiosity in the industry. So far, it is known that this MMO is a ‘futuristic fantasy game’ with brilliant and compelling features. Many people speculate that this new title will be greatly different with other MMOs. Of course, one can guess wildly about it, especially when we know only a few things about the game. But hey! Be patient! We will definitely know more in a few days.

Also, it is clear that NCsoft and ArenaNet will offer us some tangible information about Guild Wars 2. Gamescom 2011 is a perfect occasion for a new trial of the game, which will provide not only the seven already known professions, but also some new contents. Thus we can immerse ourselves in the fantasy world, combat with new bosses and take part in the underwater combat. We must take a closer look at the new races, that is, Sylvari and Asura. In addition, two surprises is estimated to be unveiled. The developer will present the character creation and the PvP content for the first time. Are you excited? But the disclosure of the eighth grade is still not on the agenda. ArenaNet just wants to stimulate our desire, making us stretched on the rack. The NCsoft booth (Hall 9.1, Stand A11/B10) includes a daily live presentation, a question and answer session and a demo station, where you are allowed to dig for more details. Good luck!

And we will certainly call upon the booth set up by Electronic Arts in the Hall 6 where a playable demo of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be accessible. BioWare is also ready, which will attract the crowds like a magnet. It is announced that BioWare will show a small part of the high quality title ‘Eternal Chamber’ in its presentation area.

If you’re already at the EA booth, then you should never miss the upcoming mysterious MMORPG called The Secret World from Funcom. The community managers promise that the game will enable us to look through the facade of our everyday world and entice us into a secret parallel world full of mysteries, puzzles and monsters. However, we can only look at the game, but not lay hands on the game.

But you are allowed to play some real games at the Games Convention booth (Hall 9.1, Stand B011/C010). A bunch of titles are available, for example, a brand new test version of the upcoming action role-playing online game TERA. And Frogster also has a new fantasy title in store for you, that is, Eligium: The Chosen One. After a magic seal was unraveled, legions of demons returned back to the wonderland and spread fear and terror to innocent citizens. Only with the combined might of the five human nations can we banish the monsters back to the hell and evade the imminent doomsday. The game offers not only PvE battles in the open world and in dark dungeons, but also delivers “Open World” events, sophisticated PvP system and laudable ranking system as well as other typical contents of MMOs, such as mounts, an item upgrade system and more. As far as we know, there will be an available demo version of this new game. And fans of Runes of Magic will also not be disappointed, because Frogster will show a completely new game region in “Lands of Despair”, the fourth chapter of this popular game.

The publisher Gameforge can be found at the booth in Hall 9.1 B011/C010. Manga fans and prospective students of magic spells will be intrigued by Wizard 101. Followers of the Star Trek universe will also be charmed by its action-packed space game Star Trek: Infinite Space. At the booth, you can not just marvel at the vast game environment of this upcoming browser-based online RPG Star Trek: Infinite Space, besides, you may form your own speculation of this new MMO. In addition, you can also visit the ESL A061/C060 booth in Hall 9.1 where the exhibition of AirRivals, the European version of Ace Online, will take place.

Trion Worlds will also be present in Cologne Exhibition Centre. Take a peek at booth A021 in Hall 9.1, and you can find a demo of the upcoming free to play MMORTS End of Nations and the popular fantasy-themed MMORPG RIFT. What’s more, there will also be daily demonstrations of dungeon battles and fighting events as well as question and answer sessions with the developers. Defiance, an action online game produced by Trion Worlds in cooperation with the U.S. television SyFy, however, will be shown only behind closed doors in the business center. The special feature of this title consists in that its online play is linked with a TV series, which will lead to an interactive story in the future. The online play is to be settled in the bay from San Francisco while the sci-fi TV series will continue outside of St. Louis, Missouri. We are utterly excited about what the developers will show to us, and of course, we will timely deliver a report about its presentation to you.

Firefall by Red 5 Studios, an upcoming action Free to Play online game, also boasts science fiction scenarios. At Gamescom, there will be a comprehensive preview of the main features of the game. But not only that, XL Games is preparing a new multiplayer demo which will be released at Gamescom. Anyone who wants to wade into the fray should schedule a visit to the stand B041 in Hall 9.1.

World of Tanks from Wargaming.net will also be a big sensation in the fair. At the booth, all tank enthusiasts should grasp the rare chance, participate in an open tournament and experience the excitement of a shooting spree. Besides, we are also looking forward to another game from Wargaming: the new MMO project World of Warplanes. During the exhibition, the developer will introduce it to the public. So remember to stop by Hall 9.1, Stand A033/B032, and the open space at the Hall 8!

The games will become increasingly action-heavy when you go to the booth of Nexon. The Publisher will make its first public appearance at Gamescom. The reason is that Nexon’s action online game Vindictus will finally be announced in autumn 2011 in Europe. At the trade fair (Hall 9.1, Stand B012/C020), the publisher will exhibit the Xtreme edition of Vindictus for the first time. Interested users can look forward to a playable version in the near future.

Of course, Hall 9.1, the online gaming sector, will present a lot more masterpieces. Riot Games (Stand B043) will be there with its League of Legends. Recently, a huge update called “Dominion” was announced. Along with Dominion, there will emerge a brand-new game mode, including a new card with a particular focus on capturing and defending lies. We can also learn at Gala Networks (Booth C040) about the new updates for Allods, Flyff, Rappelz and Dragonica etc. In addition, the publisher will further disclose details about the martial arts MMO called Age of Wulin: Legend of the Nine Scrolls. But no subtantial information will be unveiled before its official release.

Don’t forget about GamersFirst (Booth A010) where you can make the acquaintance of a new fantasy MMO called Hailan Rising and encounter another two old friends: the revitalized urban-crime MMO All Points Bulletin: Reloaded, and recently bought-up post-apocalyptic online role-playing game Fallen Earth. It is hopeful that the publisher will announce a publication date of the Free2Play version of the two games at Gamescom 2011.

You might be interested in What Gamigo publishes since the publisher began to swtich its focus from MMOs to Browser games. Let’s wait and see how the company self-develops the games like Jagged Alliance Online, Grimlands and UFO Online. Perhaps Gamigo will unveil more about its just-announced MMO Otherland.

Perhaps, you will exclaim to us, “But you have forgotten XY Online!” Certainly we are not capable of including a plethora of games and exhibitors. Nevertheless, according to our information, the games Age of Conan, Aion, ArcheAge, Final Fantasy XIV and the titles by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World will be absent at Gamescom 2011.

In addition, we’ll try to gain access to more demonstrations behind closed doors, so except for visiting halls in the customer sector, we will try to delve into other parts of the fair. In Halls 4 and 5, we can communicate with various distinguished companies along with their arresting products, including Ankama (Dofus and Wakfu), Turbine (LOTRO and DDO), NHN (ASTA, Trinity 2 and Born To Fire), Sony Online Entertainment (DCUO and Payday), Paradox (Salem ), THQ (Gods & Heroes), Nival (King’s Bounty: Legions and Prime World),  ProSiebenSat.1 Digital (LAW, ARGO and other titles), OnNet (Legend of Edda), Hi-Rez Studios (Tribes: Ascend and Smite), Webzen and many more. Of course, we will keep you well-informed of all the exciting news.

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    Nice article. Firefall is by Red 5 Studios though, not XL Video.

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