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MMOs on Steam

Sara Lau
Jun 27,2011  01:06 by

Steam, also known as a multiplayer online communications platform, focuses on digitally distributing games online, offering latest game events, ingame communications and chat. It is widely used in RIFT, Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, Champions Online and etc.

This feature primariliy lists some most popular titles on Steam Store. Some of them are free to play!

1, Rift

Developed by Trion Worlds Network (End of Nations and Defiance), Rift is an incredibly gorgeous MMORPG where you can explore wholly different realms through fulfilling missions. The ever-changing landscape makes the game pretty refreshing and fun.

Set foot on the fantasy world of Telara, choose your side as either Guardian or Defiant, and start off a thrilling adventure! There will be lots of furious battles and deadly confrontations along the way. The highlight is that you are offered freedom to change your profession as you like. Therefore, you can experience all kinds of skills and powers. Besides, it will be a deeply immersive experience with the exquisite graphics.

2, Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising

The ancient Rome, with its world-renowned glory and mesmerizing legends, is still a mystery to us. If you are also interested in the culture and history of Rome, don’t resist your temptation and join in Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising! It is a brilliant MMORPG. You can choose your class from four options, including soldier, gladiator, mystic and priest. The battles will be cruel, therefore, don’t fight alone. You can align yourself with a mythological god and get his or her almighty support. Most characters stem from historical records or mythologies, making the game more playable.

3 Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is an action shooter that was originally released in 2007. Since then, it appears with new updates, new maps, game modes and additional equipment regularly.

Now you can play this arcade shooter Team Fortress 2 for free forever via steam download.

4, Eve Online: Incarna

5, Champions Online

Rejoice! For this superhero MMO is now free to play! This is largely attributed to an acquization completed by perfect world, the largest free to play online game provider in China and beyond.

Now this game is available on Steam, you can get play with your steam friends and learn more latest activies.

6, Spiral Knights

Developed by Three Rings for PC, Spiral Knights is a 3D free action MMO featuring anime graphics and cooperative gameplay. The game allows players to explore dungeons full of monsters and creatures. There are hundreds of unique weapons and equipment that can be crafted and upgraded.

7, Forsaken World

Apart from Perfect World’s most popular game PWI, Forsaken World is another masterpiece that combines the Western and asian cultures. The game has multiple versions that are available in China, Germany, and North America.

Now Players can login their Steam ID and play it with ingame voice and chats.

8, Everquest 2: Destiny of Velious
9, DC Universe Online
10, LEGO Universe
11, Age of Conan: Rising of the Godslayer

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