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Mobsters & Gangstas

Mobsters & Gangstas

Release Date:  November 08, 2012
Publisher:  Glu Games
Developer:  Glu Games
Genre:  Action

Mobsters & Gangstas is a nice game in every respect. It neatly fuses card collection and 3D action, offering players a unique fighting experience on iOS devices.

The game is developed by Glu Mobile, which publishes games Eternity Warriors 2, Contract Killer 2 and Blood & Glory: Legend


You will have thousands of virtual cash to purchase a pack of cards which consists of five cards, including three characters and two training cards. With these cards, you will attend the turf wars, fight against other gangsters, and occupy buildings and blocks. Through these fights, you gain experience for leveling up, money for purchasing better cards, and sometimes cards for training and boosts.

But, cards won’t be seen in battles. Finely crafted characters, rather than cards, appear on the interface. You click your characters and determine their targets and then the fight begins. Just to be clear, this is not a fight with clubs or knives. All your characters and your enemies carry guns that shoot continuously until the bullets run out. Then the characters turn back and reload before they continue.

Since the game starts with 3vs.3 fights, it is easy to get excited and anxious from the beginning. However, it is kind of ridiculous to see the characters survive no matter how one performs in initial fights. When you get used to that, one or more of your characters might get killed and disappear out of blue. Then you realize it’s time for recruitment and enhancement. No recruitment and enhancement are free of charge though. You need to pay game money or premium money for new packs while consuming training cards and game money for improving your characters’ damages and health.

Mobsters & Gangstas not just offers a unique gameplay, it also refines the details and thus manages to entertain players in every possible way. For example, one won’t have to idly watch automatic fights since they don’t have direct control over the movements of their characters. They can still click the skill icon on the characters to unleash the skill, say, healing, enabling the shields, or improving the damages, after they have chosen the targets for each of their characters. And as mentioned above, the cards are offered in packs and after you have purchased a new pack, you need to slice the package and open it. All those designs have been embracing the game’s platform quite well.

And like many of the games available recently, Mobsters & Gangstas allows for home area managing while incorporating an energy system that slows down the progression. And thankfully, you just have to collect from various buildings while attending PVE and PVP battles alternatively.

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