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Monster Galaxy

Monster Galaxy

Release Date:  
Publisher:  Gaia Online
Developer:  Gaia Online
Genre:  RPG

Monster Galaxy is a turn-based Facebook RPG game that takes on Pokemon, in which you can start as a male or female avatar. At the beginning of the adventurous journey into the galaxy, you should fight against other wild monsters and train your companion. With enough time and experience points, you steadily becomes more powerful.

In our childhood, we may be frightened by all kinds of monster stories. They were scary indeed. With the passing time, we grow up, become brave and even dream of raising monsters as our pet. To start with, you own a monster and capture other ones by it. Training is essential to improve your monster’s attacking power.

As you defeat your targets, you will earn various items and experience points. A series of interesting quests will take you to explore the dreamlike wonderland. The elaborately crafted images of monsters are quite adorable. Just enjoy the visual feast and gaming pleasure!


Monster Galaxy is not a game that can hold your attention for a long time. simply gaming mechanic piled on by little diversity, it can be said, if put in a harsh way, that no sooner had players grasped the essence of it than they lost the interests towards it.

Monster Galaxy does have bright, colorful graphics, on which 120 types of monster, or Moga termed in this particular game, show up in the shapes of various cartoonish animals, real or fictional. All Mogas are categorized into twelve zodiac signs. And after choosing one’s zodiac sign and then the first Moga (out of three choices), one will be given a brief introduction of the story lore( which can be skipped) and led by a guiding NPC named Nova to capture the first Moga in the wild.

Tutorial does a good job, effective enough to imbue players with all that is needed to learn about the game mechanics. Perhaps the simplicity per se in interface and in gameplay is another factor for its being easy-to-learn. Functional icons on the top and attacking bars in the below, the whole interface can be summed up quickly without explanation. As to the gameplay, it is almost around one single activity, that is, to fight more Mogas, either to capture them or simply gain Exp to level up.

Four modes of attack are involved: Physical is basic, Special is supportive, Bonus consumes Whistle Fruit to summon help from friends, and Zodiac is affected by the counteraction between both sides’ zodiac properties. Being easy-to-grasp is an advantage, yet staying easy is on the contrary. Once grasped, all the attack comes down to repetitive drudge. What’s worse, the animated battle not only quickly reduces to monotony but also lasts long with no alternate possibility to skip.

With a linear storyline, in-game quests in fact push players to grind from level to level by invariably fighting Mogas to gain experience and items (which are not very helpful in speeding up the level-up). Again, to skip the mandatory grinding is impossible; and to arrive at the relatively more challenging areas just seems wild-goose chase.

Notably known as a Facebook game without many social elements, it surpringly pops out an neighbor-inviting interface with such a high frequency that can only be beaten down by that of the Sky Shop which serves to persuade players to spend money in it.

To sum up, Monster Galaxy is interesting in short span of time and repetitive in the long run. So it is a social game that one can idle away several minutes but by no means engage in for a long time.

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  1. alaa alaa says:

    whats up youtube it is me tech1Review(again) i will show you my top 4facebook games and mayb exou will play them too lets startoe at#4 *sueer crayon* ih this games you heve to dr aw your way thru the course and hot dig.

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  3. eric says:

    i cant accept neighbors

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