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Monster Island

Monster Island

Release Date:  2012
Developer:  Syfy Games
Genre:  Action, RPG

Welcome to the Facebook game Monster Island. The sole and principal mission is waiting ahead: capture the monsters!


The game has a quick start with a little of your character’s customization. As an agent from the academy, you are expected to grow up to an excellent monster hunter during your adventures on this island. Your tasks are presented clearly through a conversation between you and Colonel. You should try to get in touch with the initial reconnaissance which was headed into the jungle. But on your way to exploring the jungle, be cautious of the ferocious haunting creatures!

The moment you click to choose an action, the real game begins. Spend a little time on the weapons training first, and you will get the elementary weapons—sub-machine gun and machete. The former needs reloading after being used, but the latter doesn’t and is especially useful as the gun runs out of bullets. More advanced ones will be unlocked as you level up.

Monsters like Crocodile, Anaconda, mega Croc, Blood Monkey and Black Piranha successively appear in the actions, and there is a Sanctuary Island to keep the monsters you have captured.


Syfy Monster Island is a newly lunched game from Syfy into facebook, with a similar mechanic with vampire legacy.

It looks like Miscrits of Volcano Island of Broken Bulb, featuring a modest brightness of all possible colors and a proper loosening in all involved shapes, such as the winding river, the curling leaves, the wildly stretching tree branches and the split facial holes that we call eyes, mouths and nostrils.

As I mentioned in the preview of its sister works Vampire Legacy, this game boasts a wonderful image design for monsters. Some are famous like crocodile, dinosaur, Mega Python or Sharktopus, some are original with expressive faces. I feel sympathy for some of them as they look so serious in trying to scare you away.

The battle is, how to say, half real time, half turn-based. The game didn’t make TvT a stupid mode by letting each of your team members take act one by one after all the enemy members finish their turn also one by one. Instead, all your teammates can react to the attacking monster simultaneously. If the attacking one is well within the ability of one single person, other teammates can turn to the unengaged monster, making this TvT like a multi-thread PvP. You are told to choose your action for each round (or turn), meaning to choose your weapon. If you fail to choose weapon in time, a timer may be set until you miss this round.

Besides weapons, the battle also involves some hard-win, non-renewable weapon that may be ten times powerful as the common weapons, like grenades, are called consumables in the game. These consumables may be earned from battles, or crated from collectibles. The dangerous jungle is not a place to collect or loot. There is another location to collect resources and tame your captured monsters, which also produces some decorative items by shedding scales or tooth.

The skill system of the game is much more emphasized. There are. For each skill training chance, you can choose freely from four kinds of skills and four classes (Mercenary, Scientist, Peacekeeper, Scout) with their unique skill system however, these skills are all approaches for optimizing the usage weapons, such as improving the accuracy, speed, damage power of a gun, or puffing acid, fire while shooting, or blinding the monster for easier dodge, or hypnotizing it to make it silly. There are plenty of skill training chances, plenty of options to try and reset can be done anytime.

When you fulfill the earlier skills, new skill slots are unlocked. The training is finished with a click, needing no timer to cool down.

The energy system of the game is a little cruel, 14 as full energy and about 10 minutes to restore one. So try all means to complete quests with minimal energy loss is the gist of the gameplay. Once a step (location) in a long-term quest is completed, you enjoy a 25% energy decrease to continue exploring the next location. And you’d better to gain enough XP for level up before the game eats up your energy.

One thing that may annoy many gamers is the font used. The letters are in capital and in the form of squares, which makes the game more militarized, just like the scanning line on quests and the professional searching, interpretation of clues that keep reminding players they are the engaged “agent” for a serious case.

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