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Monster Legends

Monster Legends

Release Date:  July, 2013
Publisher:  Social Points
Developer:  Social Points
Genre:  Monster Breeding, Fighting

Monster Legends is a Dragon City-like simulation game where players manage a territory, buy eggs, hatch and feed monsters, and then have the monsters breed more monsters and fight in the level-based adventures.


For those who relish the gameplay of Dragon City and monster breeding games, here comes a new Facebook-based monster breeding game Monster Legends developed by the same company behind Dragon City and Social Wars.

Like Dragon City, Monster Legends keeps players busy with egg hatching, monster breeding, feeding, and fighting. Players not only need to build habitats and farms to place monsters and produce the necessary food, they also need to construct tavern, arena and other structures to support extra functions, and occasionally clear pebbles, rocks, trees and grass to make room on the small crowded floating island.

Monster Legends introduces some new mechanics to set itself apart from so many similar titles, regardless of their platforms. Constructed structures in the territory, different from those in Dragon City, can be upgraded. In that way, players can enlarge a habitat’s capacity and house more monsters and have the habitat holding more gold. Likewise, they can level up farms to have access to multiple types of crops, which might grow at longer intervals. On the one hand, these upgrade projects save space and trouble for building more structures. On the other hand, they take longer time to complete and therefore need speeding up with more gems if you are willing to.

Building and clearing would never be an issue in Dragon City – they are possible as long as you have enough gold. But they are a serious issue in Monster Legends. Similar to Clash of Clans, Monster Legends allows players to have a maximum of two workers to cover all those projects. Additional ones can be purchased by spending premium currency. Such design definitely slows down the decrease of gold but unnecessarily prolongs the whole gaming process.

The game also comes up with content to keep players focused during the waiting. The level-based adventure map allows players to explore and challenge AI-controlled enemies. Battles work in a similar way as in Dragon City. You choose the skill you prefer and choose the target to unleash the attack.

Differences lie in the way your monsters are engaged in the combat. They do not fight one after one and there is no standby monster when the ones in battle are killed. All the monsters are in the fight at the same time and they take turns in making moves. Also, monsters consume stamina to unleash skills and every once in a while require stamina to recharge before they can inflict more damage. Engaging your monsters in PVE battles consume energy, which will recover over time. A few battles later and you will be fed up with such battles confined to skill and target selecting and more often than not depending on statistics, or monster levels to be specific.

Monster Legends is not the kind of game we enjoy playing and it just brings a familiar and classic gameplay that can be experienced in Dragon City, yet under a new title.

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