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Monster Life

Monster Life

Release Date:  August 2, 2012
Publisher:  GameLoft
Developer:  GameLoft
Genre:  PVP

Monster Life is a free to play touchscreen PVP fighting game where you build a paradise kingdom for cute paper monsters, take care of them and bring them into battlefield to fight the enemy monsters.


Long ago, a hero named Esac used monsters called Tamonos to defeat the evil Chaos and bring peace to the land of Numa. No the Chaos is rising again, but a century of peace has made people forget how to fight. Now Tamonos are simply pets. Someone must fight for the future of Numa and rise up against the forces of Chaos – the one true Monster Keeper.


Monster Life is a fast-growing game on the App Store. It features a mechanic generally accepted in Pokemon where players collect cute creatures to battle against other opponents.

Gameloft’s masterpiece really gives us an kind of non-stop entertainment, perhaps Monster Life is the one that we believe never innovates itself in a single mechanic, but dominates the top featured APPs on the APP Store thanks in large part to its perfect combination of Paper Monster’s look, Pokemon’s monster collecting, and city-builder. The company designs the game so well that the monster’s funny and humorous fighting possibly echoes through your minds long even after you are taken down or run out of crystals and F-stones. It lures you to have a strong desire to pay for them.

Egg-hatching of Monster Life is easily reminiscent of DragonVale, or Dragon City.


Monster Life is just like a mixture of Horse Haven and Dragon City.

You start at a ranch, purchase a monster egg, hatch the egg, and then help him or her to evolve so that it could attend battles. The elements of monsters determine which habitat they live in and their advantages and disadvantages. That is pretty much what is offered in Dragon city. But during that process, you also have to tend your monsters, and communicate with them. For example, you have to feed, clean, play with, and pet the animals so that they are happy enough to attend battles. And that’s exactly what you can expect from Horse Haven.

Yes, Monster Life doesn’t possess anything novel in the gameplay, but that doesn’t make it less entertaining. The hatching and communication with monsters alone are reasons good enough for you to give this game a try. You have to hold your finger on the egg so that the cute baby monster inside would come out. And you will feed milk and cookies and let it play volleyball, jump on a trampoline, or even dance to the music. Or you can pet the animal or shake the device to play with your monster.

Quests guide you through different kinds of actions and communications with the monsters. Then you will be ready for battles, which are very simple: tap the monsters you own to send them to the battle fields, and they would fight automatically. Well, partially automatic. You can spend friend stones, which are obtained by interacting with your neighbors, to launch special attacks, activate defense, or heal your monsters. And after any of your monsters dies, you could spend five crystals to revive it. If you don’t do that within seconds, it would be stretchered out.

That is amusing, however, but you can be disappointed sometimes. For example, since each quest consists of several steps and you will not be able to see the quests elsewhere, you may have to remember all the goals or keep returning to home page to check them. Also you are not aware of how many opposing monsters you have to fight against until you enter the battle scene. If they outnumber your team, you must prepare more monsters to start the fight. And to keep things going, you might have to purchase friendly stones and gems that are in urgent need for battles.

But still, it’s hard to quit the game. Anyway, although the gameplay is old, it’s still a new approach on a kind of new platform. That’s got to count for something.

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