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Monster Mansion

Monster Mansion

Release Date:  September 15, 2012
Publisher:  Meridian4
Developer:  Oceanside Interactive
Genre:  Arcade

Monster Mansion is one of those games where you know what it is all about a few minutes after you pick it up.


As the name suggests, Monster Mansion deals with monsters in a relaxing and casual way. In the game, players purchase various monster rooms and deploy them in the open space you have access to. You don’t have to clear grass, bushes, stones and trees to place any structures. All the rooms are put above the lobby you have from the get go – or beside it, which depends on how you expand your house. In those Monster rooms live different kinds of monsters.

You will purchase scare rooms where humans would visit. And once any person enters your library, Fitness, Insectarium or Coffee room, you click the room and one of your monsters, be it a vampire, a werewolf, a Yeti, or a goblin, would enter that room and scare the human away.

In that way, you will make money, or coins in this game. Actually once you add any Monster room inside the building, you will regularly receive some coins through the room. And with all the money, you can buy more monsters, scare rooms, decorate the house and hire staff.

But here is the thing: why would anyone keep at a game where the only things they do are simply add monsters, scare people and collect revenues? The cute monsters do please my eyes and it is kind of fun to have as many kinds of monsters as possible in the building. However, that would be the only fun you can get from Monster Mansion.

Aside from the repeated scaring and earning stuff, you always have to add new rooms so as to keep yourself interested. And that requires some time. Surprisingly, one has to upgrade the rooms three times after they purchase the rooms from the store. Then they will have the monsters ready for scaring and collecting money. And that’s absurd. If it has to be upgraded before being used, let it be. But why three consecutive times? To make it worse, some of those rooms require hours for the upgrades.

The basic gameplay of Monster Mansion is similar to those in current simulators and hence has nothing special enough to pique one’s interest. And when that is coupled with long waits and endless grinding, I’m afraid it’s hard to find any satisfaction in this game.

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