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Monster Story

Monster Story

Release Date:  September 08, 2012
Publisher:  TeamLava
Developer:  TeamLava
Genre:  Monster, Dragon Breeding

Monster Story is a breeding game that bears a strong resemblance to Tiny Monsters. It allows you to hatch, raise and breed monsters using the ingame tools as Tiny Monsters has, but its gameplay and user experience are poorly excuted to the extent those unfamiliar with such gameplay could do nothing.


Monster Story provides a tutorial that is too simple for newbies to normally understand how to get started with their pets breeding. After a short instruction of how to place monsters in habitats, players are all left alone to research how the game funcions. For example, you need to figure out how to gain EXP, how to feed the monsters and how to breed new generations. This could cause many problems for kids or lazy players.

Without further quests providing EXP and coins as rewards, players could only upgrade their pets by collecting EXP through chopping plants and selling eggs. The number of buildings like farms and habitats are limited by players’ levels. Less food output and fewer coins collected make the game move at snail’s pace.

There are elements associated with monster’s growing and breeding in Monster Story as in other games of the genre. Fire, earth, water, plant and other elements you could find in the nature are used to define monsters and create hybrids. However, Monster Story adjusts the hybrid monsters’ breeding and hatching time much longer than that in other games. If you don’t spend gold to speed up your monters, it’s going to be days’ waiting.

Monster Story also added an evolving process before the breeding as Tiny Monsters did. The evolution part of the game will shapeshift your monsters, but it takes hours to finish. The visual changes in monsters are appealing and each monster could have three different forms.

Other breeding games like Tiny Monsters and Dragon City on facebook, allow players to possess a new land of the same size when expanding. However, Monster Story only shows players a small piece filled up with Palmweed and Guttercup. To clean up the mass and put the land into use, it is another test for patience.

Unlike Tiny Monsters, Monster Story features a social system, through which you can pay visits to other players in the community or drop by your neighbors’. However, there are not many things to do after your arrival. All that available are some taps on the buildings and a few incomes of social rating points. Nevertheless, it’s better than nothing.

To sum up, every process in Monster Story takes longer than other games of the same genre. It is an ordinary breeding game with no outstanding features and an inferior work in most aspects compared to earlier breeding games. If you are looking for outstanding breeding games, Monster Story is not so qualified.

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