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Moonlight Online

Moonlight Online

Release Date:  May 30, 2012
Publisher:  IGG
Developer:  IGG
Genre:  MMORPG

Moonlight Online is a Free to play MMORPG on Facebook that takes you into a 3D virtual fantasy world where everything revolves around shimmering, mysterious, dark vampires and werewolves. Discover your superhuman abilities and build these so as ​​to customize your character specialization, spread your wings and fly high above cities at night or from skyscraper to skyscraper as a werewolf.

The game, firstly announced in 2011, is developed by China-based IGG, which publishes games such as Age of Titans and Galaxy Online.


When it comes to a Facebook game, Moonlight Online is a triumph in many respects; while when it is specifically called a MMORPG, it can be instead played via Facebook. In fact, it is accessible only through Facebook connection. All of MMO feature hype and social gaming letdown here is nothing but what we get used to in grinding, enhancing and leveling up, as well as what we are feeling uncomfortable in right-click controls.

The 3D environment and character modeling perhaps is the biggest highlight on today’s Facebook gaming. Most of gaming companies are chasing after the latest new technology in an attempt to keep abreast with the latest gaming trend, but few of them excel in delivering 3D MMORPG on Faebook. And far few of them could really pass down the value and culture of 3D gaming eventually on the world’s biggest social community. IGG has done a smart job by transforming 3D MMORPG into a seemingly social game.

Before we enter the game, we need to do some preparations. For example, register a Facebook account, and download a mini web player that supports the moonlight running. After a three or five minute loading, the game starts out with a race or class selection from dozens of combinations.

As the title implies, Moonlight Online typically presents itself in a dark fantasy world where players can role play as a vampire or werewolf. Everything here is closely related to moonlight from the main background gloomy artwork, to the chill music penetrating into the every corner of the game, and to the map’s name that also easily reminds you of those glooming scenes.

Tutorial quests are technically implemented to walk-through newbies through all the guides listed on the official website with an illustration of pictures and texts. During the tutorial quests, you can learn the basics of how to control the game, how to access the advanced features, and how to get a quick level up.

In addition to the tutorial quests, there are story-driven quests and side quests as well as recommended quests, which can be concluded to the same purpose: earn rewards and level up.

Of all, controls using shortcut keys and mouse are a failure. When you attempt to attack a monster like pale bear, you will have to target the ground near the bear and right clicking to move around the bear before triggering an attack using your skills through hotkey at the bottom of the interface. And the most cumbersome is you must face the monster you are going to attack. This redundancy also reflects on the collecting and looting items.

Unlike in Forsaken world, you can use W,A,S,D to move your character. In Moonlight Online, you simply press the Q, W, E, and D keys to move, but you can also press the A and D keys to turn left and right, which cannot be re-configured.

Weapons themselves in Moonlight Online do not stand out in their look, but the weapon system works finely with what is so called enchanted weapons or relics. This is much similar to a weapon Crafting system which allows players to forge their weapons into an advanced one with a higher attribute. A rewarding feature in weapon system is the Transfer function that gives players a chance to transfer all the Energy that is stored in an older equipment to enhance their new items.

Struggling to level 15, you are able to unlock Basic Meditation, which allows you to earn EXP and Energy while offline. At level 30 or higher, Zen Meditation, which allows you to earn EXP and Energy while online, can be activated.

There are three types of Skills: Basic Skill, and Divine talent skill, and Trade skill like Herbology, Mining and Fishing. They all play a vital role in the adventure. The most helpful skill is the divine talent skill, which has a devastating effect on the monsters and enemies. Such skill can be acquired or upgraded through the talent points. For trade skill, you may choose to forget a old Skill in order to learn a new one.

Moonlight Online is more than a Facebook game, and it qualifies a big MMO on Facebook. Thanks to its Faebook-based connection, the game scores a big mount of players in a short period, and due to the Facebook-based connection, it causes some problems such as frequent connection lost, laggy loading, higher system requirement and redundant operations.

In a word, Moonlight Online slickly packages features available on MMO, and barely delivers options in a socialized manner.

18 Comments on Moonlight Online


  1. Melvin says:

    how can i enhance my relic but i don't have an relic on my skills?

  2. patrick says:

    i am brave and strong

  3. kubeta says:

    I've been already installed moonlight but i can't create the name of my character because i can't see the text message inside the box.

  4. Bryan Buisan says:

    how to use a cheter

  5. bradley says:

    how do you get passive skills

  6. atrasado says:

    u killing me lol

  7. Bruno says:

    I've been already installed moonlight but i can't read anything because i can't see the text message inside the box.

  8. Luke says:

    how do you upgrade your mounts??

  9. Sarah Wall says:

    i am trying to download this on facebook and its having none of it is there a reason why this is, i get the sceen tht says run so clikc it and then shows me a pic tht tells me to run so i click the download link underneath this and click run and then it scans quick and then nothing happens, so is there a reason why this is happening please help

  10. katie says:

    hi just wondering why it wont let me download the game

  11. ken says:

    the game moonlight online will not down load to my pc why
    i have removed it three time coz it will not play

  12. Lorelie says:

    i have a problem, the game will load for just 30% AND then it will stop. then the loading will disappear, i dont know what to do, i can't play it. PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO

  13. Chris says:

    anybody know where level 10 fishing is at

  14. aaaa says:

    stopped at 90%

  15. seiko says:

    why did not download this game ?

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