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My Dragon

My Dragon

Release Date:  September 20, 2012
Publisher:  Glu Mobile
Developer:  Glu Mobile
Genre:  Dragon Breeding

My Dragon is a dragon breeding game from Glu Mobile behind games like Bombshells: Hell’s Belles and Eternity Warrior 2. Like a lot of iOS monster/dragon breeding games, My Dragon is artfully stylistic and simplistic with various dragons to breed, and customize.


Interactions between players and the dragons are the best part of My Dragon. If you swipe on the screen to random directions, dragons would be responsive in different ways. For instance, swiping downward means come closer. Your dragons will spring to you and nod their head as if you were touching them. All the moves feel so real that players are being in the position of a real world dragon trainers.

Beside the basic moves, there are advanced tricks. More complicated and energetic movements can be taught to your dragons as long as you spend some energy points and help them practice several times. However the dragon tricks on the 3rd page of the trick index are to be unlocked with real money. It is unfair to block normal players from these superb contents.

To keep your dragons healthy and happy, you need to offer them food and toys through quests. Many citizens in the kingdom and even the king and the queen would turn to your dragons for help. As the keeper of a dragon that could serve the kingdom, the player should feel honored and pleased.

Training new tricks and fulfilling quests both consume a lot of energy points. A total of 32 energy points could only support a 10 minutes’ play. And players have to wait for at least half an hour before their dragons are able to undertake a new quest or learn a new trick.

However, there are still a lot of things to do after you run out of the energy: swiping around the screen to play with your dragons, offering some delicious food or their favorite toys. All these are what we do in real life with our real pets. That is how Glu Mobile has made this game so amazing.

What’s more, My Dragon brings about a closet with a variety of decorations and items for players to dress their dragons up. Goatee beard, top hats, masks and sunglasses for the head, shirts and suits for the body, and you can dress your pet dragons from top to bottom as you wish.

It is a pity that the decoration items are not free, some of which may cost a great amount of cash. Since it’s only possible for non-cash players to gain coins through a handful of quests, having a pet dragon dressed in the ideal way is going to take them a long period of time. However, the slow process of getting ideal items can be a motivation for players to keep playing the game.

My Dragon is a promising game suitable for players of all ages. If you don’t have time to keep a real pet, keeping a virtual dragon in My Dragon would be a nice choice.

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