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My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo

Release Date:  2011/10
Publisher:  Upjers
Developer:  Upjers
Genre:  Simulation

My Free Zoo, developed by Upjers, is a Zoo management browser game in which you are able to customize and build your very own Zoo Empire, souvenir shops and beautify your zoo with decorative items. My Free Zoo does the same way exactly as Zoomumba delivers.


You start your zoo director career by raising three types of animals: rabbit, sheep and pigs. As the game progresses you can feed kangaroos, monkeys, tigers, lions, pandas and many other animals.

In My Free Zoo, you need to build and populate the enclosure with various objects such as toys, flowers, and bamboo poles! Give those exotic animals a new home where they feel at home with new visitors! Moreover, you can build the enclosure thematically appropriate to the different animal species.

Not only do you need to decorate your enclosure, but you must attract as many pampered zoo habitants as you can, so much so that they can help make money for you. Quadrupeds, birds, creepy crawlies and dwellers – all these animals can live together in a colorful world.

However, you should always pay attention to cleanliness for Zoo, paths and enclosure because some visitors could make them dirty. Care, entertain and feed your zoo inhabitants regularly! Because only if your animals are feeling happy, they can attract visitors!


It was fifteen minutes after I started My Free Zoo that I doubted why this game was developed. It is totally pointless. Charging players with tending to every detail of a zoo that is at the risk of closure, My Free Zoo proved to be the most disappointing simulation game that I have ever played.

The graphics are in too bright colors, which further degrade the already lousy pictures. When the interface is not in fullscreen mode, zooming out may lead to disappearance of most of the interface, leaving only the left top there. And when you enable the fullscreen mode, zooming in or out is not allowed.

With only the story quests from the advisor, which is the zoo director (though every article on concerned on the Internet shows that players act as the director), you may find nothing to do all the time. Purchase enclosures and animals; place the animals in the enclosures on grassland, in forest, or in water (of course each enclosure can only homes animals of the same type); purchase facilities and decorative items; tend the animals and plants; and collect admission fees from the box office. This should have been something fun-until you run out of money. Side quests appear on the right bottom sometimes, offering almost the same quests, that is, planting trees, bushes, and flowers or building facilities. Side quests cost money but only reward you with experience points when you complete them.

Story quest completion and the box office income, which are both far between in time, are your sole revenue resources but almost everything you do costs zoo dollars.

The only thing that pleases me in My Free Zoo is that it excludes energy system, though the money issue annoys players to greater extent than energy system and money issue combined in other simulation games. My Free Zoo is free for good reasons, as far as I can see.

8 Comments on My Free Zoo


  1. Aria says:

    The link is dead…

  2. aria respond says:


    the game is not launched, thats why the link dosn`t work

    upjers is still working at the game, i play all the upjer games so i now this for sure.

  3. manon says:

    Wat is Dit???????????

  4. KAT says:

    This game is really fun I have been playing on this game for hours! I only created an account on Wednesday as well! But ,how do you earn diamond without paying?????????????????????????????????? 🙂

  5. Danielle says:

    So i set this account up for my son to play this game….I tried to help him to figure out how to my the sidewalk! how do i do this ?

  6. kylie says:

    i love candycorn

  7. josephlopez805 says:

    good game but its bull that some animals need diamonds . we shouldn't have to pay money to get an animal.

  8. tanya0810 says:

    I need more friends on the game. Add me tanya0810.

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