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My Random Thoughts on Crystal Saga and its Marketing Tricks

Sara Lau
Apr 19,2012  09:04 by

What propels Crystal Saga‘s enduring prosperity? A series of marketing strategies with “Chinese characteristics”?

Galleon China, developer of Crystal Saga, is sitting idle at present and enjoying the game’s glorious achievement of more than 100 servers worldwide. However, recently I’ve been thinking about what accounts for its popularity, concerning that there seems little update in content since it was released a year ago.

“Crystal Saga”, “Saga of Hero”, “Crystal Legacy”, these names are indeed squandering to charm my eyes. Are there any differences underneath the tricky combinations of crystal, hero, saga, legacy? No, there aren’t. It is a pity that the three titles remain essentially the same despite the apparent changes after I have made some further comparison and analysis.

The fact is, Galleon China has self-righteously entrusted their “cash cow” to several publishers like R2games, Aeria games, Gamedp and Yeepgame, and the game has got different versions in different languages (Chinese, English, Vietnamese as far as I am concerned, and German and French under development presumably) to be available on Facebook, Kongregate, Friendster,etc., in different regions throughout the world. All in all, Galleon China’s marketing strategy is to push Crystal Saga to be all-pervasive, which is in loyal concert with the traditional Chinese philosophy of “spawning and branching”, huh?

In spite of all these efforts, they have apparently ignored the core of a vigorous game–originality and innovation. Nowadays, when game developers dare not slacken their efforts in the slightest, and keep concentrating on the original and novel updates to their released games, I am just amused and astonished that Galleon China can still feel at ease to live off its past gains. Eventually, there will be a time when the new generation excels the old, but only those stay real and unpretending remain time-tested.

By the way, there is a feel “déjà vu” intertwined when I play Soul of Guardian, Dragon Born, and Heroic Odyssey after I have tried Crystal Saga. Oops, innovation is in urgent need among Chinese developers.

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  1. Hamilton says:

    Galleon is not the game owner. There are 447 servers running Saga of Hero's in China alone, Crystal Saga is the name given to the game by the US agents R2Games, Yippeegames is the UK hosted English version. Have a look at Galleons new version of the game called Return of the Titans;

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