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Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Game Insight
Developer:  Game Insight

Mystery Manor is not a new online hidden object game on Facebook. It has been enjoying a good number of royal attendees who are mainly housewives. Like World Mysteries and Hidden Chronicles, the game is about a series of clicks to search a variety of rooms that would help you look further and further into what had happened to your relative. However, decoration part is removed and a large dose of combat is added to balance the femininity of this genre.

It’s a feast of eyes as you visit the manor rooms with varied functions and flavor. Dressing room is a fashion zone; hunting room is a collection of animal artifacts; oceanic room is decorated by ocean lifeforms; Japanese garden is the most beautiful a manor may have; and fortune-telling room is full of mysteries to poke at. To get access to these rooms, you have three means to depend on: friends, high scores and money.

The game spares itself from being a disturbance to non-gamers by providing an express for mutual help between players. Now it makes real sense to add friends and help friends. Reply to your help request and you can be rewarded–this is how your friend list gets longer naturally, based on which other form of interaction is more possible. For example, challenging one for a room and seeking teammates for a combat.

This game features a deeper difficulty degree that well justifies a set of tools to aid with the searching jobs. All these lovely scenes may be in total darkness. Only a poorly narrow range of light from flashlight is offered. The wanted items are indicated by just a silhouette sometimes. Size of the silhouette may not match the real object. As a result, the quest may intend a broomstick when you are looking around and around for a rose. The pot you find may have a smaller stomach than what’s shown in the “look for” list. Personally speaking, it feels just ok to be fooled this way. Besides darkness and silhouette indication, changes can happen to the item location and item names. Champaign bottle and beer bottle may be the identical one in different quests. Each quest has a fixed time limit, and 5 seconds is reduced as a punishment for every 4 reckless clicks.

To prevent the above-mentioned challenges from becoming frustrations, the game offers a wide use of tools: some locate items; some widen the sight range; some slow down even stop the time flow. Gold bomb is the most delicious one, which locates 4-5 items at once. The store also contains a charm system that may boost the experience and energy earned from completed quests. Most of these goodies are lures for cash, unless you make amazing scores. Why not summon all the humans at hand for the races against time?

There is meaningless difficulty, too. The magnifier is automatically there for daytime searching, both to help and hinder. When the magnifier finds something, it slips on the picture like a loach and makes it hard to click exactly. In fact, other searching clicks in the game are just a bit easier. I thank god on my knees when I find clicks in the battles feel different. Besides the clicking slips, the quest is not a good guide. At least six clicks are taken to enter a room. You click to a quest, and it asks you to wake up a friend. You click “close” to avoid it. Click quest again, and “accept” the quest. Here you are still outside the target room. There is no name labeled on each door and you click until you find the correct room and “explore”.

Remaining nice-looking like similar games, Mystery Manor still lacks an adequate purposefulness for searching. When the quest wants a porcelain saucer, you can complete the quest by finding other things, making the quest content confusing nonsense. And, while frequently asking you to wake up sleeping friends, the game won’t activate the button to successfully send help request to the available friends.

This is a game where devotion counts a lot. Replaying is the only you can do sometimes, but it is really rewarding, paving way for more room quests, until you reach adventures against zombies, skeletons and other monsters. So what weapon to kill? Yes, a fork or a knife that you have previously found in the rooms. This battle element makes your leaderboard rank means more than a well-maintained eyesight for a mid-aged woman.

With proper rewarding for replaying, gamers can progress in an entertaining pace. A good balance among the varied contents you can do makes this game worthwhile to go deeper. For casual gamers, Mystery Manor can be a wonderful time killer whose attraction may last hundreds of days.

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