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Myth: The Guardians

Myth: The Guardians

Release Date:  June 2012
Publisher:  Corp Webgames
Developer:  Corp Webgames
Genre:  Adventure, RPG

Myth: The Guardians combines structure building and dungeon exploring while focusing more on the latter. Vacant pieces of land available around your castle are dedicated to certain structures. Those are in a small number and hence you don’t have to cope with endless upgrades of dozens of buildings.


Most of the tasks involve slaying enemies, grabbing treasures, or meeting specific guys in dungeons. Portals in the homeland and dungeons are used to transport you between those places. Along your way, you should never forget to collect resources such as wood, rock, and coins. And you can also click tents, springs or other stuffs for special items. All those things would become handy when it comes to constructions or other activities.

Like it or not, you are in battle most of the time since many resources are guarded by goblins, bandits and monsters and you cannot get the resources effortlessly. In other cases, there are enemies standing in the way and you have no other choices other than to take them down just to arrive at your destination.

At first, the battles are anything but fair. Even though my character was the first to unleash attacks, those enemies counterattacked when being assaulted while my character can do nothing but to endure the damage in their turns. It was the case until I somehow learned the counterattack skill. Yes, you gain one skill point each time you level up, which can be used to enhance specific traits of your skills including Blow, Shattering, Shot, Sniper, Healing, Vitality, Magic Arrow and Fireball. Those skills and traits are available only when you complete relevant tasks, build or upgrade certain structures to specified levels, or even have your character reach required levels.

During battles, you need to pay attention to both your HP value and your concentration points. You start from zero concentration after entering each battle and gain concentration points by applying skills like Blow and Shot. And after you’ve accumulated enough points, you are able to use skills such as Shattering, which causes grave damage on enemies.

Myth: The Guardians embeds immersive stories in the gameplay and thanks to that, the progression is quite fluent, though sometimes the endless dungeon exploration makes me confused as to which quest I am dealing with at the moment.

It may sound weird but the best thing about this game, as far as I can see, is that one can toggle it full screen mode by pressing F11 whenever they want to instead of being confined to the small screens in battles, in dungeons, or in specific scenes.

But, as usual, collecting everything on the way causes shortage of energy. And once you are out of it, there’s nothing you can do in the game except shopping and waiting.

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5 Comments on Myth: The Guardians


  1. Derek says:

    It would be a great game if they finish developing it!!!

  2. cristian says:

    como ago para ponerlo en español al juego en facebook?

  3. I like this game, but the energy limits make it impossible to really play more than once or twice a day. And you don't get enough energy to pickup even half of the things you should be picking up. The combat is very unbalanced as I'm now finding that unless you put all your skill points into your weapon, your character will be too weak to really do anything as you level up. And they really didn't implement magic much yet as of this writing, so it's mostly just sword. Also, hardly anyone will ever click your wall posts for the things you need and even when they do, they often cannot gift you because of the game's gift limits. So you won't get what you need. And the equipment repairs are very costly. Sometimes, it won't let you repair without spending game dollars, meaning either the free game cash or spending real money. I don't recommend spending any real money on this game. It's an amusing pass time, nothing more.

  4. Kenneth Buckingham says:

    It is an ok game but I have NOT been able to find out how to add friends to get different colored stones . can any one help me ???

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