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Myth War II Online

Myth War II Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  IGG
Genre:  MMO, Fantasy

Difference usually begets estrangement which in turn may escalate into war. In a land inhabited by four different races, conflicts and wars are normalized into an unusual lifestyle that is teeming with turn-based battle. This is the chaotic world in Myth War II Online.

As an updated succession to Myth War Online, the second edition appears to be of new graphics demonstrating the old gameplay, which varies little from the classic nostalgic role-playing style of combat. In general, players take up specific roles, accept various quests, and fight against monsters or other players in turn-based battles that can be assisted by pets.

In Myth War II Online, four races, seen as classes, are available for players to choose from. Presumably, Human including subclasses of Paladins and Thieves boasts the highest HP in total as well as PvP-oriented skills; Centaur sub-branched into Archers and Elves serves as healer with highest agility; Mage divided into Priest and Witches relies heavily on magic spell; and Borg categorized as Tyrants and Cyborgs is rich in strength but slow in movement. While limited choice of races upsets the diversified gameplay, it has its saving grace in the gender design, which bestows different genders of the same race with unique skills differing from one another, such as the Enhance exclusively for male Borg and the Purge Stun special for female centaur.

Besides, as pets play important role in combat, this game features an intricate pet system, in which players are offered 75 types of pets in all shapes that are categorized in ten classes covering animals, plants and various mysterious creatures, such as golden tiger, hell cat, snow bear, just to name a few, in addition to the three different means to raise their pets’ resistance, either by using pet eggs, magical crystals or the stones of curses, so as to boost pets’ performance in battles.

While the classic role-playing style combat plus the pet system is satisfactory, this game receives no little complaints and criticism due to its bad graphics that seems like a jumble of glaring colors crushed on each other and its heavy reliance on cash shop mechanic which even requires players to purchase global chat and things like that. With bimonthly updates with new contents, hopefully, this game may rejoice at an increase of players attracted by that.

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