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Mythic Saga

Mythic Saga

Release Date:  May 29, 2012
Publisher:  Voomga
Developer:  GameWave
Genre:  Browser RPG

Mythic Saga (诛神) is a free browser game developed by China-based GameWave – the owner of Voomga.com, YeepGame.com and Joyopark.com – which also publishes Crystal Saga, and Call of Thrones in North American and European regions.

As of June 1, 2012, the game has opened over 800 servers in China only.

Based on the ancient Chinese Apotheosis of Heroes, Mythic Saga basically outlines the Chinese legendary heroes in the way a Multiplayer online game is primarily characterized by equipment crafting, dungeon exploring, skill learning and arena challenging.

In the game, players can choose from one of four classes – Priest, Mage, Assassin and Warrior, and experience various unique features such as real time weather system, magic mount selection, as well as Screen Shake Effect unleashed based on class’s abilities.


Mythic Saga is a carefully designed game. The developer’s creativity and focus on details are obvious in the varied scenes, finely-crafted scenes, always changing in-game weather, simple and handy clarified quest tracking system and a lot more. But the general gameplay is just dull.

Selecting class and faction, I began my clicking across the screen all the way to level 14. Aside from admiring the beautiful scenes, diversified characters (lotus princess and widow, for example), and the changing weather, all I did was click the quest target in the mission panel and click the dialog boxes that present themselves once in a while to accept or to report the completion of a quest.

Main quests go pretty much the same way, except those that simply require players to reach level 20 or 30. That is when side quests are necessary. Normally, I have been used to those side quests that ask players to kill twenty or twelve of certain monsters. So I was kind of surprised when many a main tasks listed such requirements in this game. But I was astonished when a quest instructed me to kill 200 Town Lurchers (which are one of the monsters in the game). I could click target occasionally to kill 20 monsters but I will never do that to slay 200 of them. I’m not a machine anyway.

So I looked for the automatic combat button and saw it near right top. Interestingly, Mythic Saga allows for multiple settings for automatic combats. You could decide when your HP is lower than 40 or 50 percent the Health Meds are automatically used. Also you can determine in advance that which skills to use through the battles, which skills to launch every two minutes or however long that interval is, whether to accept party invites, and even which types of drops you would like to pick up during battles.

As in many Browser MMORPGs such as Soul of Guardian, Serenia Fantasy or Broken Realm, you can track your progression of the present tasks in the mission panel. But few games display the scene, quest target or NPC so explicitly like this one. Words in blue are the quest titles, yellow words the involved scenes, while green ones are the quest targets or the NPCs to whom you are about to report the completion. Click the quest target or NPC and your character will find its own way to them; if you click Go after that target of NPC, you just switch scenes from wherever you are, which saves a lot of time in finding the scene-switching spot. With such a handy quest tracking system, you would never get lost in the game.

You can assign attributes to skills for exploring new ones or upgrading old ones. With StarRam orbs or energy, you could unlock Zodiacs little by little to unleash Cosmic Power. The orbs can be purchased in the shop while the energy is accumulated over time.

However, it’s a shame for Mythic Saga to have so many tiny icons and sometimes unfinished texts on its interface, where differentiated enemies and charming and detailed graphics can be found.

It really upset me when I was forced to like this game on Facebook by a task. Even if I clicked the Like button, the game insists that I still need to “Like” Mythic Saga on Facebook. OK, just tell me how much on earth I am supposed to like it.

Either way, the game offers surprises, which most of the times come in a good way, but has nothing special when it comes to the basic gameplay.

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  1. sisigame says:

    Seems funny!

  2. Aidan says:

    Yay !

  3. jack says:

    no its not its good

  4. starman687 says:

    jack you suck

  5. mmogamesite says:

    Sure, I can login the game, Mythic Saga has two publishers, cooltoplay and voomga, let me know what browser you are using.

  6. vinicius says:

    n comcigo emtra de novo nesa porra!!!…

  7. jonikang says:

    need drop item list
    please anyone can share?

  8. _vendryhana_ says:

    bingung cara maen nya kk

  9. wonink says:

    noooooooooo wwhhhyyyyyy

  10. audvent says:

    ummmmmmmmmmmmm how do i get key??

  11. YoMy says:

    Can't no logoin

  12. LuvMe123 says:

    It won't load D:

  13. 547yu5eruyre says:

    guyz link the official sites please…thnx 🙂

  14. pentagram says:

    gm was really missing a server?? where his dreamland??

  15. arkan says:


  16. fauzan says:

    im level 30

  17. zikri says:

    am level33

  18. mmo fanatic says:

    reminds me of jade dynasty

  19. adikvslag2k says:

    give me code pls

  20. Xuie U Like says:

    can i have a code ???? thanks 🙂

  21. Athrun Aames says:

    whats the code for?anyone can tell what are the system requirements of the said game? like its minimum graphics needed..

  22. rhey kee says:

    pa ano po maka kuha ng quad glider

  23. glen says:

    plzzz give me a wing code
    Email glen_gitar@yahoo.com thnkzzzzzzzzz

  24. john mark says:

    code for wings plsssssssss
    email : dingkoy19@yahoo.com.ph

  25. murder says:

    plz give me a wings or code

  26. ibno says:

    can i have a wing or code plzzz

  27. murder says:

    plz give me a wings or code and sent to my email thank you……

  28. Yaho0o says:

    nice game.. cooL to play.. heheheh.. =))

  29. Nicc says:

    Is the game still down

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