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Mythic Saga Review

Sara Lau
Jul 22,2012  04:07 by

Mythic Saga is a pretty-looking game with 2.5D scenes full of small-sized characters and properly-placed objects (both in wildness and in inhabited zones). You can feel Chinese elements at the first careless sight such as cloudy heaven, ugly stones, Lotus Lake hosted by a traditional Chinese fairy lady , heaven stairs printed with taichi logo(of Daoism), Dry fish listed on bamboo sheet, wooden barrels and other housework tools, even monsters takes the shape different from that of west cultures. You see, Chinese makers begin to export their cultures. Just get prepared that you will be either amused or disgusted, since looking back to old topics is just an alternative for the creation of various brand-new fantasy and sci-fi worlds and there may be some interpretations even shallower than yours.

The game is a fully developed one in this genre, with multiple goals for you to fulfill its scores to reach another step. Your characters have intellect, strength, agility, stamina, and health as basic qualities, highly possibly because the other system of attack, defend, dodge is less easy to explain itself e.g. why my attack is so weak since I have reset my attack stronger? And you have titles in four realms. For example, royal title is about your job, official title is about military achievement, guild title offers guild skills to learn and faction title brings merits. Merit can let you buy at lower prices and sell sat higher prices. Notoriety adds one point if you kill one of your own faction carelessly or for some emergency XP or HP at the very point before level-up.

Crafting is interesting division back from the heated intense violence activities. Some games, like Soul of Guardian and Dragon Born, make crafting the central task in the place of violence. For example, some science-centered games create new products (either biological or chemical) with primary materials. But much like most of similar games, crafting in Mythic Saga is not really intended for any important or surprising factor. You are told definitely how many materials you have now and how many are lacking. This is quite a guide for looting and managing your heavily-loaded bags. But big surprises can be achieved by training five elements (gold, wood, water, fire and soil) with your HP. The tiger besides the five elements suggests what a power boost is ahead. This is where Mythic Saga evolves this genre by employing more explainable theories of becoming stronger—you are stronger not just because you have fought and sweated.

Bees, monkeys, rabbits, lynx—animals in this game are not awful for their muscles and sizes. And the quests are easy to complete since it auto fights, auto-runs and returns once the enough enemies are killed. These easy early quests ask for 1 or 2, at most 3 deaths, sometimes with a dead soldier lying beside you to mean: this is not some unworthy quests! You are being great! Announcements about the victory or progress of other players pop up all through the game, from which you can see the activities of all factions with their special skill and weapon system and you begin to feel ashamed of fireball or lightening that sounded so roaring to the ears.

Mythic Saga, by and large, is an impressive browser MMORPG. If you had not played Soul of Guardian or Crystal Saga, you would have been immersed into the game all day long. However, as it happens, I did!

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  1. Rafael says:

    But on the other hand this game will take your money even if your mounts,wings,relic are full blessed there is still a chance in failing. "fail in upgrading = money wasted". Even in upgrading your equips. And some free players will have no chance dealing with players who top-up/load. This game means money = power. If you want to get stronger then top-up even if its not 100% sure that you'll be able to upgrade everything, as what iv'e said in this game even if its full blessed there is still a chance in failing. 🙂

  2. AndWhat says:

    game sux big time bunch a nooby weak minded fool in charge. example upgrade all your gear and relics person with an mthis saga piece can ebat you easily. they give some crappy response of wellu get a piece wtf should i when im cashing up the arse. ms can go to hell in a hand basket. if u hate someone. send them the linkt o the game.

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