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N.O.V.A. Elite

N.O.V.A. Elite

Release Date:  2011/4/25
Publisher:  Gameloft
Developer:  Gameloft
Genre:  FPS

Gameloft, a leading global publisher of mobile games, has decided to expand its horizons and launched one of its flagship franchises for Facebook. The N.O.V.A series are available on the iPhone and iPad and mobile phones that run Google’s Android operating system, and they are considered to be the best single-player FPS on mobile devices. There also came a rumor that Gameloft would release N.O.V.A 3 on PC and it would be based on Unreal gaming engine.

N.O.V.A – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance Elite is the next installment of the competitive series and is exclusively developed for social network platform Facebook. N.O.V.A. Elite is a free-to-play Facebook-based FPS, for those of you who feel most Facebook games are not quite hardcore enough for you.

In many aspects, N.O.V.A. Elite takes obvious inspiration from the Halo series. You are outfitted with a wide range of weapons, from pistols to rocket launchers and fight in spaceships, jungles, snowy mountains and alien cities. Practically, almost everything in the game, graphics, character appearances, visuals and plot were ripped off from the Halo series and then came out in the form of a new spin with decreased gameplay quality. However, compared to its mobile device based predecessors, the major improvement is substantial. N.O.V.A. Elite has a much more polished look to it. Powered by the Unity gaming engine, it smoothes out the rough edges of most objects.

The controls of N.O.V.A are just as tight as those of its counterparts. However, it’s a bit disappointing that you are still not able to move the crosshair that is centered on the screen – you are not allowed to tap wherever you want to shoot. But the game allows you to go into options to select different control schemes and find the one that fits your style. Besides, with the improvement of AI aggression, these smarter enemies will follow you all over the map, attack intelligently and coordinately, and even react to your attacks. There are not as many different enemy types as those of Halo series, but they’re all distinct from each other.

Not being able to melee, jump or crouch and the lack of vehicle sections makes the game feel a little stripped. But it’s just okay, given the decreased hardware. The gameplay is not very smooth especially when I stand in the midst of the constant barrage of explosions and bullets, it is a bit laggy, and because of that I’m even not very clear exactly what kills me when I die. Sometimes, the game just crashes my browser.

You can also create buddy lists and share progress and achievements with them. The micro-transaction system also offers you free will as you can play the game for free or choose to upgrade your access to new abilities and battlefields by purchasing various items such as armor, weapons or accessories like the jetpack and radar.

Overall, N.O.V.A. Elite offers a great first-person shooter experience for just anyone, even newcomers to Facebook first-person shooters. And whether you’re a shooter veteran or not, you’ll definitely enjoy sinking your teeth into the substantial and fast-paced campaign.

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