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Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Twisted Tribe Ltd
Developer:  Twisted Tribe Ltd
Genre:  Strategy

Brush the rusty oil lamp and release the sealed Djinn who will grant you a wish. That’s what Anwar did and liberated gene named the Nadir helped him realize the dream to become an immortal emperor of a nation in the desert. However, a century later, the Nadir came back to claim an equal return, without which he would destroy the empire by sending out demons. So Anwar’s female descendants summoned heroes. Are you ready to chant Open Sesame to enter into the world of Nadirim? (Check Nadirim Review)


Against the fantastic back story inspired by the Arabian Nights, Nadirim turns out to be a free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG, developed and published by Twisted Tribe. Mysterious and intriguing as its back story, it is not the end, since in-depth further follow-ups will continue to unfold, driving the whole gameplay to proceed. The inviting storyline will take players into the heat of the game by various story quests.

Nadirim provides players with five optional character classes, listed as Caravan Master, Nomad, Ruffian, Sage, and Warrior. Each class is blessed with three skill trees, one basic and another two unique. Besides, with special stories behind, each one is with one’s own major skills to excise, corresponding weapons to wield and different purposes to serve in quests and turn-based combats. Take Nomads for instance. Enigmatic and close to nature, Nomads who are always kept company by their loyal beasts are best at stamina and strength. Their typical weapons are Kukri, Spear and Shortbow. When in combat, they can apply six types of major skills, including Slow Poison, Rejuvenation Balm, and Flanking Party, etc. All together, nomads can excise fifteen basic skills, twelve savage skills and twelve beastmaster skills. Apart from those character class-related choices, players can also personalize their avatars by selecting gender, looks, hairstyle and other concerning details.

After creating characters, players can start take quests and wonder around maps. Quests are of varied levels and types, ranging from story quests to daily and group quests, which may turn out to be simple collection and travel, or more challenging ones concerning slaying mobs and deeper exploration. Besides, various PvP competitions are available as well for players to gain experience and skills. While players can choose to fight on one’s own, they can also cooperate with friends or have minions trained and servants hired to assist in combat to edge out opponents.

Thus, in this mysterious desert, no matter you are wondering in Ennahar, the Town of Adventurers, or trekking at Mountain of Bells, you may chance upon Human, Animal or Mythical mobs. Heroes, can you be entrusted with the great responsibility to save the Empire of the Eternal Sun?

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  1. Nadirim Open Beta to End, Commercial Launch Near says:

    […] 2011 . Debuting with a huge open world to explore, 3 character classes and beautiful graphics, Nadirim is the company’s first […]

  2. anon says:

    Sadly, this game has been discontinued. http://www.nadirim.com

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