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Nadirim Open Beta to End, Commercial Launch Near

Sara Lau
Oct 20,2011  02:10 by

Twisted Tribe announced today that the Open Beta phase of its much-anticipated multiplayer browser game Nadirim is nearing its end. The game will take off globally on 7th of November, 2011 . Debuting with a huge open world to explore, 3 character classes and beautiful graphics, Nadirim is the company’s first title.

Set in an Arabian Nights-like theme, Nadirim opens up a world of fantasy never-before-seen by players. Filled with djinns and magic, Nadirim offers amazing tales and adventures, all created with special attention to detail and topped with graphics that not only satisfy but bring players closer to this magical experience.

Players can travel around freely in the open world of Nadirim engaging in PvP duels, helping other players in group combat or solving the daily problems of locals while working towards the ultimate goal of protecting their homeland from the evil forces of the Nadir, who are determined to bring darkness to the ever-shining empire.

“We wanted to create a game that stands out among browser games and we are on the right path. We’ll be rolling out features and expansions throughout the year.” said Balazs Sipocz, CEO of Twisted Tribe. “We’re focused on bringing players a magical gaming experience.”

Since the Closed Beta period, numerous improvements have been added to the game based on the great amount of feedback received from beta testers. The changes include a huge “open world”, improved combat mechanics, new animations, group fights and PvP duels, aggro range for enemies and tons of smaller improvements. The content has also been spiced up to feature more quests, new items and weapons and new skills for the character classes.

To celebrate the end of the Open Beta phase and the release of the game, Twisted Tribe announced a campaign to invite friends to explore the new world of Nadirim and win valuable Gems that can be used for purchasing premium items.

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  1. Sumsum says:

    All I get are loading errors if I try to play the game… I tried it with 5 different browsers too lol so it's not my browser, my Flash is the latest updated version and I cleared the entire Flash Cache too… The game *may* be okay I can't tell because it's broken for me (and by the looks of the forum, a number of others as well).

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