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Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  PowerMMO
Genre:  Strategy

Naviage, (Naviage Online), is a browser-based strategy game that is released by PowerMMO, the incarnation of Rayflame. The Company bought Rayflame and relaunched Kung Fu heroes as Knights of Kungfu.

As always, the folks at Powermmo translate the Chinese game into English and market it using Facebook, Google, and some ad unions. That is why some players complaint of the unrealistic background and description.

Features and Systems:

1, The tavern is a symbol of a prosperous port and a great place to look for sailors for hire. The tavern owners will also readily offer their heartfelt assistance in your search for fresh talent. Since tavern servers frequently talk to all of the merchants and explorers who pass by, befriending the wait staff may bring you unexpected gains. However, if you wish to hire an excellent navigator to lead your fleet and make you big money, the tavern won’t do you much good. Only rookies and bullies with little real ability can be found around here.

2, Solemn is the place where priests spread the gospel to the world. Those who visit may find not only peace and solitude but also great wisdom from the senior academics in residence. Even just the artifacts collected in the church can hold great teachings. The multitude of believers hailing from all corners of the world often gives the leaders of different religions the kind of status, wealth and power that rivals kings and queens. Many unknown navigators have embarked on a successful path because of the support and rewards of the church!

3, The guild union is the place to handle guild affairs. It provides many quality services for a navigator’s guild. Of course, the guild union does more than just that. It also acts as an agent in the trading of many different products. Any navigator with a good head on his or her shoulders will enjoy spending time amongst the guild union staff. It’s from their lips that navigators often receive the kind of information that is worth its weight in gold.

4, There is a steady stream of countless goods coming into the exchange center each day. However, you must be sure to discover the specialty items of each city before purchasing any commodities. Plenty of business men and women have suffered a heavy loss because they didn’t thoroughly investigate. The busy guys behind the counters are the exchange traders. Navigators skilled in haggling always haunt them with their sharp bargaining skills because they know those poor traders will give them a better price when they are a bit bruised and battered.

5, Navigation is a chore, so extended periods of continuous navigation will fatigue even the hardiest of sailors. A warm and comfortable inn gives them a chance to quickly sleep off their fatigue. It would be best if they can have a enjoy a good rest during any fleet maintenance or commodity purchases.

6, Every city has its brilliant or miserable hisstory. No matter what that history is, it’s that history that will remain in the ruins that are left behind. There is an innumerable amount of knowledge and wealth waiting to be discovered and inherited by the explorers who come across them. However, it’s the local residents who will never easily allow others to find these relics. Only those with high prestige shall be given the honor of exploring the ruins.

7, The countless variety of shops and products available in any city will reflect the prosperity of the surrounding area. Products around the world circulate here via the exchange center to bring the local people a vast amount of wealth. It’s also the place for navigators to purchase any necessities. Visit the area and have a chat with the shop owners. They can provide the kind of useful tips on which products are currently popular that can really help a navigator gain his or her fortune quickly.

8, It’s normal for a ship to experience some damage after a long haul, but fortunately you can quickly repair any damage in your shipyard. The skilled navigator never takes a damaged ship out on a voyage. If you need to add some new ships, the shipyard is definitely not a navigator’s first choice. The vessels for sale in the shipyard are always used and usually priced very high. If you’re any kind of business person, you’ll know better than to spend your money here.

9, A fleet fully loaded with goods needs to recharge before sailing to its next destination. The navigator can execute the latest fleet commands in the port.

10, The bank offers many invaluable and specialized services that can’t be found elsewhere. You’ll be able to trade your equipment through the consignment department or even purchase ship insurance or life insurance for yourself. Should your vessel suffer from some kind of unnatural loss, you can receive a certain amount compensation from the bank. If you have a legal adviser, you can receive even greater compensation.

Background Story:

The 16th Century is definitely a difficult time to be alive. It is also a time when only uncontested control of the seas is enough to cement a leader’s position.

On the open water, there is glory to be had, and treasure to be found. There are pirates to fight and lands to conquer. Do you have what it takes to rule the sears?

According to legend, the oceans hold uncountable secrets, each one worth a king’s ransom. Many treasure hunters have tried their luck, but only a few have ever returned from the sea to tell their tale.

Young people who living this era have the same dream: Conquer the Ocean. In the tales of the old folks, a New World is waiting to be discovered, and only those with the will to face its challenges can possess all of its riches.

All dreams can eventually come true; it is but a matter of how much on is willing to give up. In this normal little harbor, your extraordinary adventure is about to begin.

1 Comment on Naviage


  1. Janoh Wavewalker says:

    it's not about the quests, it's about the action.
    You can play on your own, or in a guild.
    In a guild you can play WITH the guild or alone. Alone you won't make it far.
    You have guild battles and daily quests that can be completed only with the help of guild mates. You CAN pay and get super skills, navigators, etc, but without team play, you're worthless.
    This is the only, and I mean the ONLY game I've seen where being in a guild is very important.

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