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Navy Force

Navy Force

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  WeDragon
Developer:  WeDragon
Genre:  3D Historical

Looking for any naval warfare strategy games? Have you ever dreamed of being a high-ranked admiral protecting your naval base from invading sea forces, sending out navy ships, submarines to take out the enemy forces? “Navy Force”, developed by JAH Interactive, a Japanese-based company, started off the OBT service throughout the world on 8th of April. Navy Force is the first web-browser based naval-centric RTS game and has earned a good reputation during the CBT phase. Overall tests gave Navy Force an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

When first entering the game, players can select one from 7 civilized countries from 5 continents .Each has its unique characteristics of naval base. Like other strategy games, before you can amass a huge feet of ships, you need to focus on infrastructure construction and resource gathering. Your domain is divided into 3 sections called “Millitary Base”, “Naval Base” and “Resource Area” which can be toggled by clicking the corresponding buttons on the menu bar. Each zone is comprised with signature buildings that you will construct later. Players are allowed to construct a maximum of 3 buildings at the same time and the construction strategy varies from faction to faction. For example, players of “Gaira” can construct 2 buildings simultaneously ONLY in resource area and build 1 in navy base at the same time; while they can build ONLY 1 building at a time in military base and are not allowed to build any other building at the same time. This is a pretty cool concept compared with that of other browser-based MMOGs, in which faction selection grants you no more than different avatar look

In Navy Force, the “officer” is one of the most important parts of the game because they stand on the vanguard, leading your fleet into battle and it’s also a notable feature in the game. There is a huge list of primary attributes and secondary attributes allocated to each officer, which would probably takes you tons of time to figure out exactly what they stand for; the specialties, natural skills, and potentials mechanics seem a bit confusing, intricate and complex and would probably keep most casual players out. But on the other hand, for the seasoned RTS players, it is a worthy endeavor to dig into the systems
Combat, the core element in world of Navy Force, also involves intensive strategy and can be conducted by using the combination of aerial, land, naval units and the animated turn-based combat system looks awesome.

Overall, the games offers a wide variety of options, items and units so it can be recommended to seasoned warfare strategy lover and is sure to give a big splash to the gaming world. Although the game interface is a bit overwhelming and many users may be driven away. Luckily, most of the major issues are on the surface, leaving the possibility of easy improvement to the game.

official website http://www.toonvill.com/

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