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Navy Force Preview, Not worth a second of your life

Sara Lau
Sep 7,2011  01:09 by

Navy Force is a free browser game that is published by Ngames, the publisher of Pockie Ninja and Immortal King. The following preview is based on my 20 minute first impressions.

It seems to be a seriously political game cuz it shows you two maps to choose your gaming country and area. When coming to the interface, well, you will see that the animated graphics are cartoon-style, and a hot women officer is in charge of your tutorial. Great.

The interface is clear with the list of the category you need to pay attention to, such as the resources, world map, inventory, ranking, military and naval bases… However, I notice that there is a green circle on the right top of the interface; it is the radar, which can be used to check the status of your units and the enemy’s situation. It is surely a scoring point, cuz I’ve never seen such a device in other games of its type before. Apart from that, everything looks just the same: building, upgrading or level-up, producing the resources which are used in building things in return.

Like Naviage, there are three backgrounds, namely, military base, naval base and the resource area. Like I said before, that the whole game area is like a still cartoon, and it still is. No moving or dynamic videos. And you cannot even see the dynamic process of upgrading or building, you just click the ‘build’ or ‘level up’ buttons on the right side, and the still cartoon has something more on it. To be honest, I didn’t expect it so boring and monotonous when I saw the topic ‘Navy Force’, which is a so exciting theme. So to this point, I don’t think choosing any country or any area at the beginning will make some change to the whole gameplay.

Another feature of Navy Force is that you are not allowed to build two things at a time, meaning you have to wait, and build one by one. Well, it’s a waste of time. I became a little impatient before getting more familiar with this game, that’s not good to see. But I finally made it until the first several building missions to be done because I still wanted to see how the battles go, etc. And the reward is not the money but the resources. After that, I find there’s no urgent incidents happening here, like a war suddenly will outbreak and you have to stop what you’re doing and fight against the enemies or something like that. It didn’t happen here, just building and level-up.

And more importantly, there’s no music!!! No wonder I find it’s boring to death, while one of the reason is too quiet! Oh, a big failure of the designers. I just want to say bye-bye before level-up the whole base, I don’t have that time. Sorry.

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