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Neowiz Games Bless, A Working Title

Sara Lau
Oct 19,2011  06:10 by

Korea-based Neowiz Games has just announced Bless, a new MMO powered by Unreal Engine 3 licensed by Epic Games Korea on Oct. 18, 2011.

Starting from 2009, Bless has been worked on by a development team made up of more than 150 experienced experts in the field of game production. Since Bless is still being developed, its core gameplay remains obscure and unconfirmed yet. Even its title released now is reported to be a makeshift that is subject to name change later.

The press release did not leak out much information about its actual gameplay. What is known at present is limited to its adoption of a medieval fantasy setting, in which ten different races will take sides and participate in wars between two opposing realms: Hierapolis and Cosmopolis. And based on its first trailer, Bless features an artistic style stereotyped in most Eastern MMO by presenting elements such as dazzling arms, skimpy attire, feline character and crispy action, etc.

In contrast to the limited info about its contents, the publicity of its employing Unreal Engine 3 is surprisingly covered with efforts. Robust and expandable, Unreal 3 is famous for its ‘spectacular graphics rendering capabilities’ and thus ‘makes it the best option when creating large-scale MMORPG’, said by Jacob Han, chief producer of Bless. And supported by it, the game is supposed to provide a fantastic virtual world, which is ‘extremely detailed yet full-scale while utilizing less system memory than ever before’. It can be expected to be an in-depth game which will display vivified landscapes, exquisite figures and smooth animation. Theoretically promising, the virtual effect remains to see yet.

Being developer and publisher at once, Neowiz Games has long established its leading role in the gaming industry and put forward quite a lot successful titles in FPS and sports genre, such as Crossfire, Alliance of Valiant Arms, Slugger and FIFA Online 2, etc. Now under the concerted efforts of Neowiz and Epic Games Korea, Bless is blessed by both experienced developers and edge-cutting engine. Yet whether it can make the best of it is a question that can only be answered by the game itself.

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  1. Sergiu says:

    gonna need to play this when its out ^^

  2. Ayona says:

    Looks awsome if u ask me .. but seriously am tierd of looking for a mmorpg to fit in … but am still hoping … and ye i would love to play this

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