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Release Date:  2013
Publisher:  PWE
Developer:  Cryptic Studios
Genre:  MMORPG

Neverwinter is an action MMORPG, created by Cryptic Studios and presented by Perfect World Entertainment. Based on the legendary fantasy RPG–Dungeons & Dragons, this game offers a gripping storyline, intense fights, various classes, and charismatic heroes, along with a robust Foundry that allows players to create their own dungeons and launch individual campaigns.


The twisted story goes this way: the magic lands of Faerûn was once stricken by a vicious virus strain–Spellplague, which reduced many an awe-inspiring empire and glorious city to ruins. Only one city–the city of Neverwinter–was spared this ill lot. However, a volcanic eruption brought doom to this once lucky city, leaving nothing but ashes there. As time passed on, Lord Neverember of Waterdeep rallied heroes and adventures to rebuild this city, hoping to restore its past glory. Unfortunately, this is no cinch, as this cause is constantly undermined by evil forces lurking in the dark.

Altogether 6 interesting races are available in the game. Humans, a highly adaptive race, is divided into many subtypes, like fighters, rogues and clergymen etc. Half-Elf is a human-elf hybrid, combining the good features of human beings and elves. Their wanderlust obviates immobile and stable lives for them, but makes good adventures out of them. Elves are slim and athletic people who prefer sequestered abodes in beautiful natural environments. And they are attracted to the city of Neverwinter out of their wish to preserve the surrounding natural beauties. Drows are known as Dark Elves, with most of them living in subterranean places and loyal to their evil deity. However, some flees to the ground to show their good sides and to seek protection. Dwarfs are a strong and reliable race with a great sense of honor. They make great Fighters and Clerics. Tieflings is burdened by grotesque appearances and an evil bloodline. Some of them turn into Rogues while others evolve into powerful Wizards.

From the bombarded walls of this city to arcane underground pathways, gamers have innumerable places to explore and numerous treasures to gather on their breathtaking journey of adventure and haphazards. With these treasures they are to rebuild the city of Neverwinter, but they have to watch out for dark forces and battle them whenever necessary. As mentioned above, these races generate five classes. Gamers choose among those five classes and then team with other players or some NPCs to form a group of five members to explore and fight. Besides, gamers can create their own quests and stories or join with others’ through Foundry, an in-game toolset.

All in all, Neverwinter is stunner with a riveting storyline, believable and unique characters, and interesting gameplay that is enhanced by an embedded content generation tool.

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