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Neverwinter MMO to be Released in 2012

Sara Lau
Oct 8,2011  05:10 by

Cryptic Studios is making the iconic PC game Neverwinter Nights into a role-playing MMO, as announced last week to brief a late 2012 release and a meagre of detailed gameplay. And the upcoming online version is designed as a standalone game rather than a franchise of the previous Neverwinter Nights series.

Still set in the fictional Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) city of Neverwinter, MMO Neverwinter storyline starts with the aftermath of a devastating Spellplague that renders the city into ruins, on which surviving citizens are able to form factions to scramble for dominance over the land and the dead also rise up to attack their once home.

And according to Jack Emmert, the chief operating officer of Cryptic Studios in an interview, Neverwinter is going to turn out to be story-based, ‘with a very storyline throughout the game’, covering not only the background but also the following action-packed quests and progression.

Reported at IGN, five classic classes from D&D are sustained in the game for players to role-play and then set up a five-member group (with other players or NPCs) to explore the adventurous land together. Seen from the released trailer, the game boasts many a faction that is comprised by figures of skeleton, lich and dragon and so on; and it is a safe guess that an in-depth character-customization system will be concluded, as it is a typical feature of Cryptic works.

In-game adventure is not limited in the city of Neverwinter; rather new locations afield will probably be added to enrich the playable environment. With its back story based on the trilogy of the Neverwinter series, it is likely that most of the new scenes will come out of the first novel known as Gautlgrym (by R.A.Salvatore, the author of the reputed D&D) that is scheduled to release in October. Furthermore, not only are official contents of gameplay available, players can also access to the self-made locations that are created by Foundry Tool Kit, or known as Forge in short. These player-generated environments don’t have to hold tight to the tone-setting lore of the game and are made clearly marked so as not to incur confusion for players about the two modes.

It is positive that Neverwinter will turn out to be a brand new version, as stated by Jack Emmert, which not only draws upon the acclaimed PC basis but also adds in compelling features never seen before as well as interaction among players through internet.

DotMMO Analysis:

Since Perfect World has purchased Cryptic Studios and its primary business focuses on Free to play MMOs, it is safe to conclude that Perfect World will handle the operation and development of MMO Neverwinter. Whatever, let’s watch and see how the game works next year.

11 Comments on Neverwinter MMO to be Released in 2012


  1. Feather Deere says:

    i love Neverwinter Nights , hate that someone took it from me, and no longer had a way to play it cause i had to keep the cd in the computer while i played it, wonder is it still the same way, do u have to keep the cd in the computer to play Neverwinter Nights?

  2. jim says:

    no there is a patch that allows you to not need the cd in

  3. guest says:

    Good god.. Perfect World ruined their game.. now their buying this one??? not looking promising.

  4. Lira says:

    All i love in Neverwinter Nights, is about neverwinter nights the way it IS.
    Now this Nerverwinter comes to decay (hope only trying) the previous series name with this popular mmo concept of game.
    But i dont think it will last much either.

  5. mmoman says:

    Perfect World = SHIT

  6. Linda says:

    Perfect World, best game i ever play. ROM are boring

  7. Does it matter? says:

    Seriously? You guys are hating on Neverwinter because the producer had bad judgment before? I really don’t care what this game will have in terms of graphics, or even story-length! All I know or care to know is that Neverwinter Nights was 1 of the BEST games I’d ever played. It still holds a place in my heart and even if the mechanics have been changed, the game intrigues me. Plus, it’s going to be free! What more could you ask for?

  8. Hater says:

    The foundry system in NWN is going to be revolutionary. Player based content, think about it… I am looking forward to this

  9. josh says:

    you guys never even played the game so stop complaining!!!!!!!!!

  10. dinosaur says:

    NWN was one of my favorites but cannot compare to the other I haven't played. It had wit and an entertaining storyline. Inspired to buy NWN2. Graphics/screen control for its day were exceptional. Current games have graphics capabilities that are to it as what it was to Baldur's Gate. If you like having a lot to do Skyrim will keep u busy for many hours and a few chuckles in the NPC Dialog as well.

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