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New Beta Browser Games in July, 2012

Sara Lau
Jul 12,2012  01:07 by

It’s been almost two months and dozens of browser-based games have been unveiled. Following are brief introductions of the most noteworthy titles that sprang out recently. We just wrapped up a list of new beta games, released, or to be released soon. Now let’s take a quick look.

Ice Age Online

Featuring characters from Ice Age movies? Joint work of Bigpoint and Fox? That may be the reason you start the game but not the reason you stay. Ice Age Online adds twists and turns to the classic gameplay of Mario Bros and manages to offer thrilling exploring experience in a beautiful and dangerous world.


Most of the beloved characters in anime have been collected in Pocamon. And you have the chance now to battle against those characters and incorporate them in your team once they are defeated. After that, you will be able to decide the formation and start group battles against either NPCs or real players.

Pockie Pirates

Inspired by the famed anime series One Piece, Pockie Pirates casts players in defending villages and towns against evil pirates. Players are involved in battles all the time. And since the combats are automatically conducted, you have to ensure the levels of your character and its crew are high enough and their equipment good enough to help them survive the attacks from enemies.

Band Stars

Why not have a band of your own? Hire four musicians and you are ready to produce songs and sell them to make a fortune. You are the one who picks the genre, lyrics, writer, polisher, and the song’s name. Once a song is written, you can record it in the studio and even make someone do the solo. Musicians get tired through practices and performances and therefore you’d better deploy the bed, bath tub, and other stuff for them to have a rest.

Rising Cities

Rising Cities is going to be another city-building simulation title from Bigpoint. In this game, players will manage and develop a city. It is always necessary to collect food, chop down trees, and mine for building materials. And you will have to attract, accommodate and entertain more and more citizens.


Kartuga attaches breathtakingly detailed graphics to role playing as pirates, a theme we otherwise might be safe enough to say as cliché. But Kartuga distinguishes itself with its multiplayer PVP mode, which allows gamers to form alliances, plunder across the ocean and defeat all those who stand in the way.

Mythic Saga

There have been already tons of MMORPGs out there, but few offer such handy mission tracking system, automatic combat setting, and unique skill learning mechanics. Take the mission tracking system as an example. In Mythic Saga, you are allowed to travel through all the way to destinations to attend battles, have conversations, and accept or complete quests, or you can simply choose to go there directly without bypassing all those paths and scene-switching spots.


Wartune fuses city building with dungeon exploring and crop planting and gives the fullest play to that comprehensive gameplay. Send the building team to upgrade your structures, help remove the weeds and insects in your friends’ farm, and take down all the monsters you run into in the dungeons. If those are still not enough, you can challenge real players in the arena, solo or teamed up.

Legacy of Heroes

You are a new student in this school where supernatural abilities are taught. Mysterious as that sounds, the game is indeed a collectible card game and you can attack and counterattack against enemies by playing cards of specific functions. As you level up, you will open up more and superior cards.

Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms

Based on Unity3d graphics engine, Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms creates a world of Westeros where players experience fantasy TV series “Game of Thrones” on web browsers. The game is expected to launch in 2013 by Bigpoint, the Germany-based gaming company behind games such as Ice Age Online, The Mummy Online and Battlestar Galactica Online.

Linkin Park Recharge

“Music for Relief” or “Power the World”, Linkin Park has supported people in distress since 2004, and the band is presenting a new project, following a different path: the social eco-game “Linkin Park Recharge”. The game is set in the not too distant future when people has run out of resources. The release date is not yet confirmed, but its official website says Coming Soon.


If you have ever played a browser game, you probably know a game called Evony, the most controversial and profitable browser game developed by Chinese guys. Now the former employees of Evony Inc. have rolled out a new game Tynon, which ultimately combines a wealth of features including turn-based fighting, lovely and quirky monsters, farm management, storyline-driven quest and strategy-required hero levelup. All of these have not seen in a single game, but they are all combined into Tynon. The game will be released in the middle of July, 2012.

Offensive Combat

Browser games with static clickaway requires almost no brain and low system requirement, and always deliver slow-paced movement that can only be achieved by one’s imagination. However, things are quite different in Offensive combat. You could be equipped with plasma-based weapons like swords and guns to shoot trolls. Currently, the game is now in closed beta, and only those who grab beta keys could access the game, but no worries, the open beta will be available next month.

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