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New Browser games in April, 2012

Sara Lau
Apr 12,2012  02:04 by

DotMMO only features latest promising MMOs and browser games. Today, we have listed some highly anticipated titles that either are being developed by big companies such as Bigpoint, and Square Enix, or are already released by those startups such as Whitemoon, KoramGame and Grand Cru.

Ice Age Online

Based on the renowned Ice Age movie series, Ice Age online is born out of the cooperation between 20th Century Fox and German-based online game developer Bigpoint. Finally, you are able to take boreal explorations with the adorable creatures in those frigid regions once you could only see in cinemas.

Shadowrun Online

The panorama of a dystopia near-future of 2070s unfolds in Cliffhanger Productions’ fantasy game Shadowrun Online, and you are supposed to accomplish missions a chaotic era when magic and technology clash, and villains are roaming around.

Crystal Conquest

Crystal Conquest is a forthcoming anime-style RPG developed by Square Enix. It seamlessly combines the traditional game elements like fast-paced action, tactical strategies and real-time combats, and will bring your indelible battling experiences.

Web Koihime Musou

Web Koihime Musou, a new member to the Koihime franchise by Gamania Digital Entertainment, tactfully parodies the romance of the Three Kingdoms in Chinese history. Following the guidance of the anime characters, you are to complete quests to accomplish the glorious mission of reunifying the three kingdoms in the game.

The Pride of Taern

Pick up your arms and engage yourself in the grand combats that take place on the originally peaceful and gorgeous continent of Taern! Engrossing storyline, classic settings, abundant character options…you will see for yourself what the most popular Polish MMORPG is like!

Checkmate Online

Checkmate Online, the latest browser-based RTS developed by China-based KoramGame, is set in the chaotic World WarⅡ period and delivers a classic theme of life-and-death combats between evil and justice.

The SuperNauts

The cross-platform sandbox social game The SuperNauts will place you in a world of superheroes constructed block by block. Firmly grasp the beam device in your hands, and try a fresh method of upholding justice!

Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga is an upcoming browser-based fantasy MMORPG under development by the China-based PopPace. You will choose from the four classes available and take on the medieval adventures accompanied by the monsters and bosses that you recruit on your way.

Dragon Born

After two years’ strenuous research and development work, Koramgame finally brings its latest fantasy ARPG containing 3D characters in 2D scenarios. Be fully prepared before you get started as you are left with a large amount of challenges and a whole new world to explore.

Lost of Legend

Lost of Legend is a free to play fantasy style browser MMO from WSgame. You can pick up one of three classes: warrior, mage, priest and compete with hundreds of boss monsters.


RedFire is a strategy city building game by Clapalong. Given all the browser games that Clapalong has made, there isn’t sci-fi genre in store. But this game does not pay a tribute to this genre, and it identifies itself as a weak competitor.

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