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New Browser Games in August 2012

Sara Lau
Aug 6,2012  08:08 by

We are happy to announce another new edition of new browser games. This month, we have picked up some newly released games or newly announced games that may be coming out in the following months. In August 2012, there would be a big line-up of new games and we will keep adding new games to this page when there is a new announcement.

Legend Warrior

Legend Warrior shares the same gameplay with Dawn of Darkness and Tynon. However, its stylish theme choice made it distinctive. The oriental scenes and classical background music invite players to an enchanted eastern world. And there is also a crafted storyline, in which your path of becoming a warrior wouldn’t be that smooth. As the story goes, more fearless warriors will be available in tavern. Recruiting them and building powerful battle formations would allow you to walk further in the game and be the strongest ever warrior. Different warriors in different formations would bring you unpredictable experiences. All that you have to do is to start over as a warrior now.

Odin Quest

Odin Quest is presently in its beta test and much remains to be done. Published by a Chinese gaming company Dragonsmeet, they put the game online for test before the translation work was accomplished. The game is of no unique features. And some creatures in the game shares the same look with those in World of Warcraft, a Blizzard master piece came out years ago. What is worse is that the game is totally automatic. Players could reach higher levels by some simple clicks on the quest board. The lack of interaction between players and their characters is an important reason for many players to leave a game. Nevertheless, the official version is not yet released.

Pockie Ninja II Original

Are you still taking Pockie Ninja 2 Social for the second version of Pockie Ninja? The truth is, not the PN2S but the later released Pockie Ninja 2 Original did innovative changes and completions to Pockie Ninja. More appealing features were introduced to the game, such as bloodline, Bankai and other familiar factors from Naruto and Bleach, the two famous Japanese anime. The storyline has been changed a little bit and is now related to the recent anime progress. Thus it may take some time for new players to digest the whole story. Once you step into the Pockie Ninja world, you will find it hard to quit.

Dawn of Darkness

Dawn of Darkness is a free to play browser RPG game in which players could recruit heroes, fight through dungeons against monsters and evil clans. The old school gameplay is used by many games and it seems that more similar games are to come. The artwork is fine, however of no originality. Besides the background soundtrack is obviously repetitive and sometimes there are noises coming out which give players unpleasant gaming experiences. Compared to similar games like Legend Warrior and Tynon, Dawn of Darkness would be slightly inferior. As a matter of fact, we are not recommending this game to you.


In the world of Pocamon, you would challenge monsters lined up in various scenes and form battle squads with NPC friends you made through the gaming process. I’ll have to say that Pocamon is an add-up of popular anime characters. Paw from Kongfu Panda, Harry Potter and his friends, Saint Seiya, Inuyasha, etc. With so many characters invited form elsewhere, it couldn’t be a game officially licensed. Putting the license issue aside, the artwork of this game is collapsed and some characters look dull and foolish. What kind of storyline would be qualified to connect all these characters? It is far beyond my imagination.

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