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New Browser Games in November 2012

Sara Lau
Nov 30,2012  02:11 by

Last month, we missed a recommendation list of new browser games not because we forget to wrap up the latest releases, but there is no single quality browser game coming out, not to mention the so-called “pretty big deal”.

In spite of the new releases this month, the quality of all games are passable and most of them are made by Chinese developers. Anyway, we still picked some seemingly juicy games for you.

The Lost Titans

The Lost Titans is a PC MMO game with a mini-plugin download required to run on web browsers. The game’s frontpage looks strikingly beautiful, bearing a close resemblance to World of Warcraft. But its real gameplay can be a disappointment.

Kings and Legends

Still in beta, Kings of Legends is a free online collectible card game with a fantasy setting. It is developed by China-based Fire Elemental and will be published by Just A Game. We have tested the Chinese version a couple of days ago, giving the game 3 stars out of 10. The English beta will kick off soon and we will give it a complete review of the revamped version.

Tower Heroes

Long time no news for Travian Games! But this company is seeking to publish third party browser games with its brand generating buzz. In the most recent recommendation, we reported a game Called Rise of Europe made by Perfect World and published by Travian Games. Not long ago, Travian Games released a tower defense game Tower Heroes, which turns out as passable as Rise of Europe.


I would not have listed DivoSaga in this list because DivoSaga is exactly the game Wartune with a name changed. The game’s North American version has opened 80 servers and probably when you open a gaming website, you could see Wartune’s advertisement.

Heroes of the Realm

The world has been in chaos since the wars between Angels and Demons break the balance. You will control a bunch of heroes who are called upon to protect the home and the whole world and take down all the evil forces that come to shatter the last hope of survivors. Heroes of the Realm is a card-themed fighting title where players gather all their favorite powerful heroes and fight against enemies.

City of Steam

In a post apocalyptic world, the advanced technology has left nothing but a global mess. Players will choose from four classes and nine races, follow an exciting storyline, run on mission and take down all the exotic monsters across the world. City of Steam offers realistic and detailed artwork which is comparable to that of client-based titles.


Stop acting like a hero! Feel free to be a pirate now. Kartuga offers an opportunity to customize your own ship, explore the world, hunt for treasures, battle enemies, form invincible alliances and rob those incompetent pirates out there. The game features sea battle using customized ships, with group PVP combat as the focus.

Totem Online

The seven races which used to be friendly and united in battles against an evil demon are now at war against each other. And the portal they used to guard which seals the ancient demon is now on the brink of reopening. You will rise to the occasion, train various units and confront all kinds of enemies, including NPCs and real players.

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