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New Facebook Games For August 2012

Sara Lau
Aug 27,2012  01:08 by

Here comes a collection of new Facebook games that are released in August 2012. This list is not based on the appdata, but we manually selected these games from hundreds of titles we recently played. Try to find more facebook games at our list.

Robot Rising

Still find no way to confront stuff blocking your view? Relish the 3D graphics back in the base! Robot Rising allows you to switch your view by an easy click on the buttons near bottom right! Get your robot travel around the perilous dungeons, labyrinths, spot and combat enemies, and claim resources from them!

Mobsters: Criminal Empire

It is a real time mobster-themed strategy game. You lead a gang to occupy buildings for resources, hone your troops, and claim defenses and prison. Watch out for the cops running right after you! Upgrades and resources are the key to win the game. You may find yourself puzzled sometimes for no sufficient tutorials are available.

Diggy’s Adventure

Diggy’s Adventure is a digging RPG on Facebook. You’re to escape from the Egyptian coast with no Luxor, no map, and no equipment. You follow the quests, adventure in caves, rescue Linda, hunt for treasures and gain energy. Sometimes the tutorials are nowhere to be found. The game is energy-consuming.

Hero Conquest

It’s a superhero-themed game on Facebook. This game gets you to control 6 super heroes at the most, place them on the map, build a strong base, and lead the heroes to move on and attack the villains. All of the heroes need your constant attention and care, of which you’d better watch out for run-out-of-health!

Living Classics

Here you’re Alice wandering from Wonderland the ancient Greece. The game is about hidden objects that allows you to explore in a fantasy and magical world. The growing plants and animals, the moving items, the smiling moon—yes, the hidden objects are all animate

Threads of Mystery

It’s a hidden object game on Facebook. Your goal is to help the heroine to picture out clues for the murder of her aunt and find the criminal. You decorate an empty house, raise your spirits, unlock more houses, and craft costumes. You’ll find it’s decent, unique and innovative that unwittingly intrigues your interest.


BloodRealm is a collectible card game on Facebook. You exploit magic cards to dispatch Champions to build a powerful empire for you. Here you assign cards, customize decks, and destroy gods. The gorgeous artwork is fabulously a catch of the eye.

The Household

It’s time to drop your ponderous weapons and tiresome top-down strategy. The Household enables you to craft your pleasing home, which you gain no access to in real life. Cultivate a small land into a house with animals, grass, trees, and stones and constantly upgrade it. Watch out for bear or fox intruders. They will eat up your grass and flowers nearby.


Wish to play CityVille in absence of any energy system? Then try Wonderland! Build your dreamland with residential blocks, parks, cafes and even seaports, plant varying crops, vegetables and fruits, and open up stores for production. You’ll find yourself immersed in the fun of tricks Wonderland craft for you!


Are you dying to build up the best night club of your own? Then have a try on Cred.fm! In here, you are a boss, hiring a variety of employees like a bartender, a door keeper and a DJ. They are on contract of different lengths with you. Perhaps the most appealing of this game is the music. Pop, hip-pop, rock—all of which the full version is available in the search engine box.

Atlantis: Mermaid Town

Let’s take a look at the role you’re to play. What? A mermaid? Wow…Yes, you are a mermaid hero to bear the duty of reconstructing the Atlantis–Mermaid Town! Clear plants and rocks, build up dome houses, construct factories, and decorate structures. Yes, you can dream your town crowded with sea warrior statues, magic campfires, crystals, pearl lamps, harpoon balloons, fortune wheel, and the rank podium.


It is a tower-defense game. You goal is to build up bugster infantry in a grassy yard and recruit bugs to defend colony and attack enemies or your friends. Also, you need to construct your resource buildings to produce “food” for bugs. With its comic atmosphere, it is far from being an action and battle game.

Bubble Pirate Quest

It is an adventure game in pirate genre. You cannon balls of the same color get the treasures like crabs and thus you gather your score. Be careful! Your shooting action of no plotted strategy will devoid of the life points necessary for the cannon. So aim at larger clusters of balls to save life points if you expect no fast game over!

Kingdom of Dragon

It is not kingdom of dragon as its name depicts, yet it is about city building strategy. Dragons are only recruited for air combat. Purchase buildings, recruit warriors on the land, in the sea, and up in the air, collect rent, produce resources. It sounds a lot common in social games on Facebook, but Kingdom of Dragon surely catches the eyes of casual strategy fans.

Real Housewives: The Game

It’s not about how housewives cook and take care of babies at home; instead, it’s about how they get along well with other ladies in New York City. You start off as a newcomer to the city, make friends, hold or are invited to parties of various themes. You finish quests by exploring the city alone and eventually become a widely admissive housewife. Thirst for a relish of housewives’ social life? Don’t miss it!



For now you’re a winemaker who purchases a manor for the sake of getting its former owner’s business back on track. You spot invisible items, decorate your mason, deploy houses and workers to plant, collect and squeeze grapes for you. No story, no NPC avatars, though, the game is worthy of a try.

Cities of Legend

In the year 2130 A.D. when the United States is no longer united and split into two factions, the republic rules. Fight for order or rebel for revolution? It’s all up to you. Inspired by the film Legend, the game gets players engaged in fierce battles just as the hero does in the movie.

Magic Valley

Are you hunting for the best animation in Facebook games? Magic Valley certainly satisfies you. Its exquisite graphics catch you eye at your first sight. The game gets you to collect raw materials by chopping trees, mining rocks, planting crops, and removing weed and mushroom. Also, you craft various potions and mixes, do business and decorate your valley. Still, it’s energy-paying.

Zoo Derby

Zoo Derby is an animal racing or betting game. It’s a simple but funny game. Your goal is to choose an animal to race against other animals controlled by the system. You’re to build your score by saving animals. How to save animals? Just get your animal to win the race or bet on which animal will win.

New Battles

New Battles is a real time strategy social game on Facebook. Here you’re to build your kingdom on one of the three nations: Eastlanders, Westlanders, Northlanders, for you’re expelled by invaders of the Southernlanders. Meanwhile, you have to produce resources, join or customize an alliance, and hone your forces in order to fight back and protect your homeland.

Western Story

Western Story is a cross-platform social game based on cowboys’ adventures in the Wild West. The game enables you to play as a cowboy, exploring towns and combating villains with only a couple of guns and skeletons. You may also appeal for you friends to join your journey.

Top Gear Speed World

Navigate the car that in most situations fails to follow the path you wish. Feel the oily and tricky court. Run over icons to collect power-ups for fuel fuel tanks, nitro boosts, and bonus credits. Fixed camera angle, short tracks, rapid races—all these make Top Gear Speed World a quite another thing from other car-racing games.

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