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New Facebook Games & Google Plus Games Added to DotMMO by October 1

Sara Lau
Sep 30,2011  10:09 by

The global scalability and accessibility offered by Facebook determine that it will be a perfect platform for staging online games. Actually, the virtual game world on Facebook is expanding non-stop with a constellation of new games being brought to this social networking community. The following list is a brief summary of 10 newest Facebook games (some games are also playable on Google Plus platform). We hope that you can find your favorite one and have tons of fun along with your friends.

1. Edgeworld

Despite several unique features, Edgeworld is generally regarded as a revamped version of Global Warfare, both of which are developed by Kabam. Set in a hostile alien world, Edgeworld offers almost all types of activities that you can imagine from such a Sci-Fi title, including fortifying your base, conducting new researches, producing rare resources and training intrepid soldiers. Though this part is captivating with splendid visuals and adorable animations, the selling point of the game still lies in its strategy-oriented combat that makes the life in the faraway planet all the more appealing.



2. Global Warfare

It seems that the futuristic war theme has been an indispensable part of strategy games in the market. Global Warfare just counts as such an example that sends you to the near future where the world is thrown into an anarchic chaos and warring forces are aspiring for a new order. As an ambitious general, you will undertake the heavy responsibility to quicken the unification of the shattered world by reconstructing ruined cities, forming new alliances and conquering new territories. To achieve the ultimate success, you have to unleash your charismatic leadership, incomparable courage and strategic thinking to the fullest. Can you fulfill your destiny?



3. War Commander

Mankind is trapped in a desperate dilemma in the post-apocalyptic world portrayed in War Commander. Due to greedy exploitation and constant warfare, the otherwise abundant land is greatly devastated. But in order to survive the hostile aftermath, there is no way out but to squeeze the meager number of remaining resources while fighting against your enemies in real-time combat. There are more than two dozens customizable units of troops which can be taken under your control, so the battle scenarios will certainly be mind-blowing.


4. Lucky Space

Pilot a superb lunar rover, colonize a faraway planet, explore the mysterious space and expand your sphere of influence step by step! You recently inherited a planet from a deceased relative in Lucky Space. The unknown world is enveloped in impenetrable darkness, offering a stirring sensation even before the real exploration. The aim is to transform the once barren land into a prosperous paradise by means of setting up buildings, gathering up resources and foraying into the unknown. Choosing one of the five characters, you will embark on your exciting adventure while following a specific storyline. The highlight of the game is that you have total freedom to build the colony according to your pre-designed blueprint.


5. MonsterMind

Perhaps you have grown tired of the city-building games that once bombarded the game market in overwhelming waves, but MonsterMind adds some interesting twists and tweaks, making the genre playable and even enjoyable again. You are assigned with a demanding mission of ruling a burgeoning town that is under constant assaults from zombie legions, destructive monsters, gigantic robots etc, so you are busily engaged in rebuilding devastated houses and streets. In MonsterMind, you should also keep an eye on your so-called friends who may dispatch hordes of beasts to raid your town.


6. Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Typical of a strategy game on Facebook, Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy conforms to the widespread formula that includes resource-collection, army-construction as well as unceasing combat. And this time, you are immersed in a futuristic game world where countless players fight for absolute domination of the vast territory. The detailed true-to-life graphics leaves nothing to be desired, and the adventurous journey is accompanied by laudable voice acting. The two brilliant features are combined to provide a deep immersive feeling. The best online casino downside is that when you play in the full-screen mode, you will find it extremely difficult to perform quests for lack of handy menus.


7. The Smurfs & Co

The Smurfs that revolves around the humorous and endless conflicts between blue Smurfs and vicious Gargamel instantly drags me to my wonderful childhood full of imagination and fantasy. I can’t believe that we can have the rare chance to set foot in the fascinating dreamscape and go through their marvelous adventures in person. I have to admit that the theme alone boasts the persuasive power to suck me into this game. And the game takes part in a colorful world with mushroom chairs, mushroom houses and mushroom clocks, all of which revoke our longing for fairylands. Your aim is to build a thriving village while struggling against the wicked wizard Gargamel. Long story short, The Smurfs & Co is definitely a worthy game.


8. The Sims Social

If you have played some simulation games, you will feel instantly at home with The Sims Social where you take control of your sim who must be made happy and satisfied through all kinds of activities, such as joining in a party and hanging out with his or her friends. As the name suggest, The Sims Social stands out from other Sims games for its particular emphasis on the socializing features. Benefiting from its Facebook platform, you can interact and socialize with most of your friends while entertaining yourself in the virtual world.


9. Gnome Town

The mythical forest is conquered by an evil gnome king who is determined to wipe out all living creatures out of his territory. To my mind, the most brilliant feature of Gnome Town is that it gives you a miraculous view to look at the world: snails and ants are all of a gigantic proportion compared to the size of our houses and a strawberry can maintain our existence for several days. How incredible it is! Another well-received feature is its lack of energy system, sparing you from worries about power shortage. The whole game follows a narrative thread from a mysterious gnome king who sends us a letter now and then, guiding you through a train of adventures.


10. Uridium Wars

Widely believed to be the Facebook version of DarkOrbit, Uridium Wars invites you to the infinite galaxy where you are likely to encounter unknown creatures as well as unfriendly aliens. Maybe I should warn you beforehand that an extensive interstellar war is on the way to rock your world, so you should be prepared for the looming battles though which you can earn a massive amount of fortune and power. And, this Facebook adaption now allows you to easily log into the game using your Facebook account, which saves you much time in the long run.


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  1. joe says:

    edgeworld's newest update made the game horibley unbalanced they introduced new tanks and turrets that you have to buy from the shop. great game until today =( please dont waist your time playing it

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