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New Facebook Games in October and November 2012

Sara Lau
Nov 19,2012  10:11 by

Quite a few titles of different genres landed on Facebook during the last two months, some of which deserve your close attention. That is why DotMMO has listed the best among those games for you. For detailed introductions or reviews, please check the related links.

The Wizard of Oz

Inspired by the classic 1938 movie, the Wizard of Oz offers a chance to travel through the world of Oz. You will play as Dorothy or her pal, who tries to find Oz, builds a Munchkin land of your own, and finds the way back to your home in Kansas.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

Legends: Rise of a Hero beautifully combines social gaming and dungeon exploring experiences. You construct workshops and tavern in your homeland, craft weapons, armors, tomes, and other stuff in the workshops and invite your friends to hang out in the tavern. Also, you can invite friends to join your explorations.

Kingdom Quests

Kingdom Quests doesn’t involve you in dungeon exploring or monster killing. You deploy farm plots and other stuff so as to cultivate ingredients and materials, and put stalls on your land to sell the food and clothes or other things your workers have made. Interestingly, you grow everything on the farm plots, including crops, plants, vegetables, animals and even mines.

Stormfall: Age of War

Stormfall: Age of War involves players in the constructions and upgrades of various structures, including Tall Hall, Barn, Keep and Black Market. As is often the case in strategy games, you have to build enough farms, mines, quarries, and lumber mills to ensure you have enough resources to support your troops.


Warmageddon is a casual strategy game where players construct buildings of various functions, train troops, collect resources, craft tools, and send troops to fight against bosses. Typical strategy concepts. But this game distinguishes itself from other games of this genre by introducing intense social elements. Players can team up with their friends to attend battles against bosses.

Confrontation Web Card Game

Confrontation Web Card Game is a collectible card game where you obtain hero cards, build your own deck, and train yourself to be a leader. Developed by UserJoy Technology behind Legend of Three Kingdoms Online, the game fuses magic and science with the card collecting experience, which makes the PVP and PVE battles much more exciting and visually satisfying.

Immortal Realms

Immortal Realms is one of those games where players run their avatars in side-scrolling maps, including the town and endless dungeons. You recruit heroes along the way, include them in your formation, and battle all kinds of enemies in the dungeons. All the navigating and battling are automatic and you have to ensure victories by upgrading the gear and other stuff.


In DragonBound, players deal with tiny characters on floating islands. Alone or teaming up, you will encounter the boss, and have to blow it off or make him or her fall off the island on which they are located. Other players can choose to help you out or assist the Boss. And of course, the PVP combat is also available.


AtlanticaS is a card game. But it also enables players to select the kind of mercenaries you prefer, including swordsman, spearman and Viking. With these mercenaries, you will adventure through the world of AtlanticaS, fulfill quests and kill monsters by yourself or with friends.

CityVille 2

CityVille 2 is not literally a sequel to its predecessor CityVille, which deals with activities in or around the house. It rather pits players in the role of a mayor who tries to develop a small town into a metropolis. So it would be easy to expect constructions and collections all the time. The city builder even offers 3D graphics and day and night shifts, which please players to the fullest extent.

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra pits you in the decisive glide-wing competition against the evil Pirate King. You’ve got to win the game because once Pirate King wins, the whole world would fall into the dark domination of a merciless and cruel queen.

The Mythic Isles

The Mythic Isles is a terribly crafted text-based adventure RPG. It offers nothing but unclear and static pictures, numerous ways of exhausting your energy, as well as endless tricks to make you pay. You click a Do Quest button to do most quests while click Attack button to land attacks on the static and ugly picture of a tiger, a bear or something else. And the heroes you unlock as you level up must be purchased in the store using game or premium currency.

Heroes of the Pantheon

Heroes of the Pantheon blows new breeze in side-scrolling style gaming. In this game, players will use the keyboards to make their avatars move in the maps, which are generally side-scrolling but allow for movements toward different directions sometimes. Players will acquire several different skills for use in battles against powerful bosses and other enemies.

DotMMO will continue updating this new Facebook Games list. However, as we observed the quality of latest Facebook games, we found the number and quality of new games decline because most of social game developers switched their focus from Facebook to iOS and Android.


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