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New In Town

New In Town

Release Date:  02/06/2012
Publisher:  Digital Chocolate
Developer:  Digital Chocolate
Genre:  Social, Casual, Simulation

New In Town is a Facebook game developed by Digital Chocolate, best known for Galaxy Life and Reborn Empire. The game allows you to role play a sim character to work and study, compete with your old high school friends in 60 smart and sophisticated episodes, take a vacation, and do missions in the massive virtual world.


Among a mountain of life simulation games out there, New In Town (NIT) stands out as an elaborately-designed one, which skillfully keeps a balance between its seriousness and addictiveness.

It’s doomed to be a long journey. You come to the town penniless and unskilled in any field; you walk a long way to work and study; you are only qualified for the lowest-paying jobs; you are required to purchase pets, clothes, interior decorations to keep happy, which prevents a human from becoming a odd old creature; you’d also accumulate charisma before dating with somebody. And worse still, you run out of working days now and then, unable to do anything constructive but fool around.

The poor starting situation is always a prelude of famous success stories, where the protagonist is often gifted with a passion for learning and laboring. It is also true with NIT. The game lets you solve all the above challenges before they become the shoes that press your toes. Please allow me show you the solutions one by one while introducing you the gameplay.

New In Town works out a new time system where ten days is a “week”, 1000 time units are available for a working day, and 100 time units for each job order. That’s to say, a working day time allows you click “work” ten times if there isn’t other time-consuming matters like eating and traveling. 3 additional leisure days are added to reduce your chances of money-making, as all the facilities for working, learning and info-inquiring are closed down. You may imagine looking for a job or choosing a sport course in gym for leisure days (which sounds like weekend), but they won’t even offer a look. It means the tiniest preparation for work, study and fit-keeping must be squeezed in working days. Possibly because 600 minutes (ten hours) is still not enough for the accuracy requirement of time calculating, NIT gives 1000 units a day, from which each traveling process is accurately reduced. When you got a vehicle that can speed up your traveling by 1.5, the time units needed become 2/3. Doing different things in a building won’t cost traveling time. Visiting a friend’s home from the current building won’t either. You know why?–because the game makers cannot stand up with so much trivial calculating. For example, if there are 20 buildings in the downtown, the game will work out 380 (20×19) distances indicated by time unites.

I can definitely give you some economic advices. When there is no special request, don’t buy or buy the cheapest for anything. The game lets you eat only once per day. When the quest asks you to buy popcorn for your friend, don’t eat at the café before going to the cinema, or else the game may say: you are not hungry. If you retreat from the cinema, the game may assume that your friend pays for you, the hangout is a failure and happiness ratio is reduced. Even when the quests pop up letting you racing against your friend in buying anything, you must try your best to concentrate on your target, a well-paid job or a useful course essential for this dream job. Leave all the happiness-related things to leisure days. Work until time out even if it means you have no time to click a sofa, a fish, a plant at home to fulfill the happiness bar.

Well, the game shows the best effective info when you are looking for a job, which helps clear the confusions of blind gamers like me. Pay a special visit to “city hall” and have a look into the jobs. The job descriptions are not a line or a block of text. Instead, they are a list of nouns, followed by a tick or a cross. You can see what you are lacking at a glance. My desired job is movie critic requiring expert movie adviser:√, expert ticket seller: X, 30 intelligence: X. According to the requirement of movie critic, I changed the current $12 job for a $10 job–ticket seller; take two expensive courses that may increase my intelligence to 30. And this job gains me the first motorbike, furniture and unlocks more buildings. By the way, I hope a second-hand fair may be unlocked in the near future. I want to sell the used items, such as the sliding plate replaced by the motor.

The game contains 6 regions to work therein, hundreds of beautifully designed buildings to enter, hundreds of nice characters to develop relationships with. To unlock more buildings and other regions, consumption is the key. The game may set consumption competition quests under the name of improving your appearance, furthering romantic relationships. You cannot take your girl home before you purchase an armchair. You cannot date with the girl before a hundred days’ game involvement “hangout” with her to the cinema, pizza store, and clothes store.

There is no level-up in New In Town. Level-up is meaningless here. You experience the elevation by earning money, buying necessities, getting better jobs, acquainting more people, dating, and marring even giving birth to child. I am not sure whether disloyal romantic relationships are allowed, but homosexual dating is not forbidden, at least it is not made clear now.

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119 Comments on New In Town


  1. joel says:

    I cant buy any ferniture where do i buy it

  2. No puedo comprar palomitas que me pide una misión

  3. gemma says:

    where can i find the radio for one of the tasks

  4. Bexxrhymeswithsexx says:

    how do i get my charisma up?

  5. vicky says:

    I have a little problem…I got to the end of chapter 3 and I don't know what to do now…I have no missions, nothing..What do I have to do?????? :///

  6. audrey says:

    ou on trouve la gamelle de danny g chercher un peu partout mais je ne la trouve pas …merci d'avance

  7. how do i up my charisma?

  8. Bree says:

    I have no quests left apart from the misson that the dog gives you I have done the first half but now I'm stuck with the bit where there is a picture of : a donut, key and a person
    does anyone know how to do it??

  9. Anna says:

    I can't finish a mission pursuit of happiness 2/3 "food +movies" Somebody can tell my what i should do? I tried everything :< hangout Lucas to the cinema, buy a sweet popcorn etc.

  10. Crazy says:

    watch a movie 1st than buy salted popcorn

  11. Crazy says:

    u are more than wellcome

  12. june says:

    how do you unlock more places?

  13. Anna says:

    Mission from small gray dog "wanna play?" haha all the time this dog says "woof woof" haha and i have to find in town 1 pink donut and and 3 keys, but i cant find it ;/ somebody know something about it? I checked in all places and friend's houses ;/

  14. brit says:

    buy the donut at the movie theatre and then the keys will appear

  15. alex says:

    how do i gain more charisma?

  16. samantha says:

    i just finished the quest that asks you to earn 8000 dollars to buy a new apartment. I have no misions left and nothing else is popping up. what's next?

  17. dbd says:

    wheres the lost dog?

  18. Chelsie says:

    i am stuck got to the end of chapter 3 saved 8 g and i know i have to get another apartment. I had red that there were others that got to level 4 not sure how but don't know where to go from here its kind of lame i like this game but there is nothing to do trust me i went to every store and looked for more missions and there isn't anything so i have been building up my time and knowledge.and got the hightest paying job so that when you do advance you have everyhting

  19. Effie says:

    where is the old lady ind the quest gradnma lucy?

  20. Mafs says:

    Okay i am stuck in a mission where he asks me to get a job worth more than 30$, but there is none available! plz help… and there are no more missions at this point!

  21. Mike collins says:

    I have no missions, i got muission for apartment but she said she would come back. I have top earning job lots of cash hmm what next

  22. Lynsey says:

    Hey all, I've got problems with the mission "in good shape" i've done all the requirements i.e. buy shorts, complete aerobox course at the gym and ate at the cafe but the game wont register that i've done them. So i cant move on until this is done, does anyone know what to do?

  23. JIshnu says:

    how can i get a new house?

  24. kit says:

    hey im stuck here in chapter 3.
    there are no more missions what am i gonna do next?
    how will i rent a new a house?
    i got a lot of money now so what's next?
    please answer i love this game -______-

  25. Rheanna says:

    Umm, I need a little help, some of my appliances won't show up? what causes this??

  26. Amber says:

    I have a little problem! I'm busy finding 3 boxes of donuts, but where can i find them? I've been looking for them everywhere wut i can't find them D:

  27. sarah says:

    please help me ive been stuck on "a dogs trail" for days it wants a painting(shows the chicken place) and the dog waging his tail!!! please help me

  28. Lisa says:

    My icon is stuck , and it can't move at all. I refreshed and waited for days, but it's still stuck. HELP

  29. Rawrgawr says:

    I just finished the ''Feed Thor'' mission, there are none anymore and I visited every place, my scrapbook seems to have disappeared also? What do I do?

  30. zachary says:

    how do you get a relationship?

  31. jammydodger1055 says:

    How do you start a relationship with someone??? Someone please answer cus I love this game so much and don't want to stop playing it x

  32. sxcdevil225 says:

    does anyone know how to get into a relationship and to get a new house?

  33. Gabriel says:

    Gente, não esta vindo mais metas para mim faz 3 semanas. Eu ñ sei oke fazer!

  34. Dar says:

    I have failed to find a job that pays$30. The best job I have showing up is $28. Does anyone know how I get more job options to show up? Another question is in the health club. The choice says I need 1 shorts tab item and one t-shirt tab item. Does anyone know what that means or where to get them?

  35. Bernardo says:

    I have no missions.
    I do not know how, but disappeared me the mission of the apartment.
    Then came three missions of the dog and have made ​​them.
    Now I do not know what to do …
    Does anyone know?

  36. Not saying says:

    help how do i get my interligents up for Chloe

  37. Erin says:

    I am having trouble finding the lunch box. It says look in the buildings but i have looked in all of them and still can't find it.

  38. kiii says:

    how do i get intoa relationship

  39. mojo says:

    Game started out great but is now disappointing. After the "New Home" mission, there have been no more missions for over a month. You just go to work, class, and the gym. Eventually there will be nothing to do. Recently the game has begin bugging out when trying to "Sleep" at the apartment: You click on the bed and no progress is made; you must reset the game to try again, but still the same issue.

    The Forum on the Digital Chocolate page doesn't have any help. They keep saying "this is coming in the next release," but no enhancements, fixes, or new missions ever come. Luckly I have never spent any real money in this game. I advise you don't, because you will not get what you pay for.

  40. hannaa says:

    Onde e' que encontro a lancheira do danny? Alguem me pode dizer…

  41. WhiteSparkle says:

    How do i get practicality! ??

  42. catarama says:

    where is dannys lunchbox???

  43. Krystal says:

    Hiw do I get my charisma up to 20 in the "Leading Man" quest?

  44. Saphire68 says:

    How to obtain more gold bars ? or do you have to buy them , thanks 🙂

  45. Nut says:

    I've completed every last task now I have nothing to do. Will any new task be available soon? It's boring now.

  46. Angel says:

    i loved this game when there was stuff to do but theres just nothing left sooooooo im going back to the good game SIMS they always have something for you to do and its fun and you basically get to do the same thing honestly if everyone would just stop playing it and not get on there for a while they would either do something about the missions or SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Crystal Babe xx says:

    how do u unlock new places on the game i love rite bout i am sick of going to the same places everyday all the time

  48. arie says:

    how do i unlock the inprovaistation acting ?

  49. Me ajudem, por favor. Eu não consigo encontrar a lancheira do Danny na missão "Desmascara o ladrão!". Procurei a cidade em Downtown e em Quayside, mas não encontro. Alguém me ajude, por favor. Obrigada.

    Help me, please. I can not find the lunchbox Danny mission "unmasks the thief." I searched the city and Quayside in Downtown, but not meeting. Somebody help me, please. Thank you.

    Aidez-moi, s'il vous plaît. Je ne peux pas trouver la boîte à lunch Danny la mission "démasque le voleur." J'ai cherché la ville et au centre-ville Quayside, mais qui ne répondent pas. Quelqu'un m'aider, s'il vous plaît. Merci.

    Ayúdame, por favor. No puedo encontrar la lonchera Danny misión "desenmascara al ladrón." He buscado en la ciudad y el muelle en el centro, pero no encuentro. Que alguien me ayude, por favor. Gracias.

  50. rachel says:

    im stuck on the time to move, keeps freezin wen ever the task bar ops up n it doesnt show the task

  51. soll says:

    a lancheira do danny ? where is it ?

  52. amanda says:

    where do i find dannty's lunch box im super stuck

  53. Daisy Crown says:

    Hi, um I want to do the College Problem Solving thing but i can t how can i??

  54. kat says:

    this game wont load for me what should i do

  55. morgan says:

    How do I get more work days without buying? 🙁

  56. ederly says:

    estou na missao desmascar o ladrao e nao consigo achar a lancheira de danny pode me ajudar onde esta

  57. dgsdgs says:

    xD yo quiero descargarlo no informarme

  58. Kera Randall says:

    How do i help my firends with there apartments

  59. courtney says:

    hey i was the play the game and my person has got stuck and i am note able to travel or move anywhere, iv tried refreshing and coming completely off the game n going back on but has not worked there still stuck, any way to fix this?

  60. juan carlos says:

    hey guys where is the photography course

  61. Nick Godena says:


  62. eu não consigo passar a missão can help como eu faço ?

  63. joao pedro says:

    onde eu compro o meu sofa

  64. Jolin says:

    where can I find 3 apartment key?

  65. parker says:

    how do i get into a relationship?

  66. Lona says:

    How do I save my game?

  67. lala says:

    how do I get a couch I see people with couches but I cant find one in the store

  68. AleMWX says:

    Can I date and fill the bar with chris?

  69. AleMWX says:

    Can I date with Chris and fill the bar?

  70. BKS says:

    I need some help on this I have it done but it is still up .High Tech High class mission

  71. kelli says:

    does anyone know how to unlock solarium?

  72. Elisabeth says:

    why wont the game work I LOVE IT and it upsets me that its not working

  73. Sid says:

    where do i complete Digital Photography course?

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