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World of Warplanes

is first announced by

Wargaming.net on June 7th, 2011 at E3

(Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2011 as the

second installment in the developers’ World-of

trilogy. Succeeding to the prior World of Tank, the

game is still set in the WWⅡ background, only taking

the warfare from land to the air.Backed by authentic prototypes

in history from 1930s to 1950s, about 60 aircrafts depicted in the

game are categorized into three classes; and each type is equipped

with different types of weapons and varied options for components. Besides,

team-play as well as a wide array of explorable maps is traditionally kept in it.

Under the concerted efforts of Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing, the popular MechWarrior series was going online, scheduled to officially hit market in late 2012, announced on Nov. 1st, 2011. Set in the next-generation backdrop a thousand years from now, the game will presents interstellar wars, in which players role-play battle-mechs equipped with customizable weapons, systems and armors. Two types of combat mode are provided, Conquest and VS. Also, like the original PC version, teamwork in the form of groups or clans will be kept to offer players with cooperative tactics in greater scale of war.

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Firefall is worked on by Red 5 Studios at present, still in a slow pace but with updates of screenshot or game design trickling in online from now

and then. Its official release is still clueless, with 2012 being a pos-

sible conjecture only. Firefall is hybrid; that is for sure, even

glimpsed simply from what’s known about it. Firefall has a lot

to offer, covering class-based shooting, fantastic PvE,highly

customizable loadouts setup, consistent character creation,

persistent gaming world as well as strategic and

cooperative gameplay, etc. and there are four

classes available right now, including Assault,

Recon, Medic and Engineer, each designed

with special equipment, skills and abilities.

ArenaNet started to work on

Guild Wars 2 early in 2007, first

announced it two years later with the

debut trailer and detail-related interview

put at Gamescom, and then released a play-

able demo of it in 2010, leaving closed beta set

in 2011 and official launch in 2012. As a follow-up

to the original Guild Wars, the new game still features

the fantasy land of Tyria where diabanded guild of Destiny’s

Edge struggles to snatch back the world from Elder Dragons.

Players in it are able to choose from five races and eight profe-

ssions (which categorized into armor classes).Guild Wars 2 makes

itself one of a kind in many aspects, such as reponsive storyline to

players’ actions, dynamic event system (instead of the traditional questline)

as well as the uniquely-designed combat system,etc.

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Age of Wulin is an oriental kongfu-themed action MMO originally developed by China-based Snail Games and published by Gala Networks Europe. Right now in beta test and still under development, it’s announced to release in 2012 with no concrete date confirmed yet. Set in the medieval China, it features a fantasy gaming world characteristic with martial arts lore. The game boasts features in many aspects, such as a large enough map equal to that of WoW, no exaggerated visual skill effects but real kungfu, and no classes of traditional setups like tank and healer, etc. Action-packed combat is specially designed with eight playable factions, five abilities, three player levels, five battle systems and unique mounts-pets system, etc.

The forgotten realms city of Neverwinter originally conjured up in Dungeons & Dragons is taken by Cryptic studios to make a free-to-play action MMO, and that is Neverwinter MMO. Shifting from the cooperative multiplayer mode into full-fledged MMO, the game is meant to finally show up as a standalone game, though the five classic classes as well as five-member group setup from D&D will be kept. Against its own innovative backdrop, the game will mainly driven by the main story, connecting all following action-oriented quests and combat. And new locations and maps will definitely added to enable a richer gaming experience.

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First announced by the Japanese publisher Gamepot on June 14th, 2011, Wizardry Online has been accessible in Japan not long after its release and set to enter North America in 2011 with its English version. Developed by Headlock Inc. (maker of Radiant Historia), the game is meant to bring back the hard-core role-playing elements that is classic in the Wizardry series. The game boasts action-driven PvP combat as well as risky dungeons. Also, it is announced to include the play of permanent death for whoever seeking for risks and challenge.

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The Secret World is certainly worked hard on by its developer Funcom (with the famous Age of Conan behind it), since it has been made around five years already with the officially confirmed development dated back to 2007. In-depth and innovative, the game allows player to create characters singly based on skill with no level or class included. To speak nothing of the customizable character by means of tons of items such as clothing, weapons and supernatural powers, etc, what’s in focal of it is to combat against monsters in PvE and challenge other players in various PvP arenas of persistent warzones. Playable factions are region-based: players can choose among London-based Templars, NY-based Illuminati and Seoul-based Dragon and then contribute their own efforts into fractional conflicts. And both single-player and multiplayer modes are available, free to choose.

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Gpotato announced the closed beta testing of SevenCore was set in 2012 several months ago. Developed by Noria, the game is publicized as a futuristic fusion-core MMO that combines fantasy with mech-styled sci-fi, quite resembling the gameplay from Argo Online and Allods Online. To support its core play around PvP and PvE, the game also includes many well-polished systems, such as in-depth character customization, story-driven quest line, challenging dungeons, metallic mounts and weapons and so on.

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World of Darkness is a horror-themed role-playing MMO that is released by the developer CCP(maker of EVE Online) at Grand Masquerade Convention early in September of 2010. Inspired by the pen-and-paper styled game Vampire: The Masquerade and Requiem, World of Darkness will leave the choice to players whether they want to stay as mortal humans or change into undead vampires. Mainly story-based, there will not be any action, but include dark elements like nudity and gore. Moreover, another interesting is that permanent death will be introduced in the game too, which makes the story-driven role-playing all the more intriguing and thrilling.

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Mists of Pandaria, as the fourth expansion of World of Warcraft, was initially announced at Blizzcon 2011 together with another two heavysets titled DiabloⅢ and StarcraftⅡ. The new game is to pit the Alliance and the Horde against each other in the long-lost continent of Azeroth. Against the new setting, it also brings forth a series of new contents to play, including a new playable race titled the Panderans (a panda-like image originally appearing in Warcraft Ⅲ), a new class known as the Monk (a damage dealer, healer or tank, featuring Panderan’s martial arts), new talent of Calculator, and new inclusions of pet battles, zones and challenge modes, etc.. In addition, the new expansion also boasts a higher level cap of 90, which all the more promises more great fun to players.

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Lime Odyssey: the Chronicles of Orta is a 3D Korean fantasy MMO made by Sirius Entertainment, the developer best known for its prior Ragnarok Online series. Initially announced by Aeria Games back to 2010, the game has in fact been worked on earlier than that, probably starting around 2008. Backed by a 3D gaming environment and terrific artwork in graphics, the game promises a combination of role-playing and action-oriented gameplay. It boasts three oriental-styled races (including Human, Turga and Pan), four usual classes (Fighter, Magician, Cleric and Thief) and diverse professions. Moreover, the polished Housing and progression system as well as varied crafting skills are also hotly discussed highlights in it.

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes is another spinoff of the action-oriented Warhammer series under the development of Bioware. Scheduled to hit market in 2012, the game has underwent its closed beta testing in last October. The game mainly focuses on PvP gameplay that the most striking feature in it lies in its dynamic three-team PvP combat: players can engage in the innovative 6v6v6 battles, which gives full play to fierce competition plus strategic alliances (while in maths triangle is the most stable graph, yet three-side war contradictorily sees the most vulnerable alliance). What’s more, players are able to change dispatched heroes halfway, which deepenes the unpredictability of every battle.

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Torchlight MMO has announced by Runic Games as an MMO offshoot of its acclaimed action-centered series of Torchlight for long with details available little by little. Yet the game’s official release seems clueless that it is not even certain whether players can access to it during 2012. (And the blankness is all the more piled on by the recent report about TorchlightⅡ’s priority over it by the developer.) based on what’s known about it, the new game, featuring MMO style though, will still stick to the fast-paced solo fight originally designed in the PC series to a great extent and meanwhile manage to introduce in team work by way of making players useful with differentiated skills.

Wildstar Online first came into the public view early in August of 2011 via the debut trailer released by its publisher NCsoft. It’s then followed by detailed class, race and other designs leaked out at intervals to keep concerning players to stay tuned. Developed by Carbine Studios, the game presents a cartoonish gaming world depicted with graphics that can only be described as stunning. In it, players will be able to role-play Explorer, Soldier, Scientist or Settler, venturing into a mysterious planet, fighting dynamic fierce combat and playing entertaining mini-games as well. Explorable locations are many; so are in-game quests. And innovative, it leaves great freedom for players to decide the way to play and the depth to delve into.

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As Wargaming.net’s closing chapter in its trilogy (already mentioned above), World of Battleships was released not long after its prequel featuring warfare in the air. Since its announcement on Aug. 16th, 2011 by its developers, the game has stayed in the heat of discussion about its final version. According to what’s known online, this naval action-oriented mmo will present strategic marine war involving many an iconic battleships at high sea and numerous tactics for combat. Made by the same developers with greater experience, the game is naturally expected to excel the previous in terms of interface, graphics, gaming mechanics, and everything in fact. and delightfully, released details such as changing weather’s effect on a battle and a more straightforward interface are really encouraging for players to stay optimistic about it. Moreover, shared resources (namely, the economy) of the three games are also available.

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Dragon’s Prophet came into public view with an announcement trailer published by Runewaker Entertainment only about a week ago. Newly-released, the game remains sealed in a large measure only with screenshots and concepts available right now. As to the detailed gameplay, information already known remains limited: many a dragon carried with its own attributes will be captured by players, and players can gain statistics bonus according to that of the captured dragons then.

Jagex set and revealed the official title and website of Transformer Universe as early as in June of 2011, and after that reports of about its undergoing development are from time to time released by its developer online. Pieced scattered details together, the game will provide many an iconic characters from the long 27 years of development of the acclaimed franchise. These playable characters will be designed not only based on the prototypes but also in light with players’ opinions, so as to create personalized and innovative transformers. With highly customizable characters to role-play, gamers can choose a side between hero and villain, and engage in action-oriented combat.

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NCsoft revealed its latest MMO RPG: Lineage Eternal. The name "Lineage" might ring bells for western PC gamers, but Lineage Eternal brings a new twist to the familiar. It rocks out with a classic isometric view, huge battles with hundreds of enemies, mouse-based skills, and cute sorceresses. A winning combination if I ever saw one.

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TERA Online is a MMORPG by Bluehole Studio. It was released in South Korea on January 25, 2011. The date for release of North America and Europe is Spring of 2012, beta testing starts early 2012. Possible localizations for other regions have been mentioned, but have not yet been confirmed besides Japan.

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Eligium is a free-to-play MMO, or massively multiplayer online game, in which many players strive, either individually or in groups, to protect the expansive world of Eligium from the demons. Along the way, they experience adventures and face countless dangers from the perspective of their personalised in-game character.

An MMO based on Sony Pictures' forthcoming remake of 1990 sci-fi classic Total Recall is on its way to browsers. Currently in the works at Chinese studio ZQGame with SEE Games on publisher duties, it'll be a free-to-play title boasting a hybrid of features from traditional MMOs and social games, such as PVP and PVE play and a collaborative "memory quest" system.

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Editor Note

This Issue is finished by November 15, 2011. We selectively chose some top upcoming MMOs we believe for developer's brand, massive marketing, or stunning graphics.


We have long heard of the saturation comment on the gaming industry. Still more and more new games of all genres constantly emerge, some partaking the glory of successful predecessors while others raising the bar to overthrow the outdated. Among the blending mixture, the masterpieces will anyway be impressive and recognizable, even before they officially come into being. And We will keep updating this list. Follow us and get potent stunners ready to launch in 2012.