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New MMOs in April, 2012

Sara Lau
Apr 12,2012  01:04 by

There are a great number of MMOs announced this month. Some are still in development while others are in beta testing stage. DotMMO has picked up some most promising titles released in April 2012.


Loadout is a brand new fast-paced multiplayer shooter that can take pride in its overwhelming weapon crafting system and stunning gameplay. With more characters, weapons and maps promised to be upgraded soon, you can surely expect to enjoy more.

SmashMuck Champions

Forge the mightiest team of champions to fight across the Planet Muck, enjoy the traditional combination of skill, action and strategy, and prove your strength and prestige by wiping off all the vicious creatures in arenas of SmashMuck Champions!

DK Online

DK Online, short for The Legend of Dragon Knights, is a medieval themed MMORPG catering for adult gamers. Sexy characters, engaging graphics and settings, unique siege warfare and political system all add up to the appeal of this game.

DarkBlood Online

When Karcass Online is renamed as DarkBlood Online, its content becomes more violent and adult-oriented. Thrown into a world disintegrated due to the greed for power and dominance, you are to defeat the insidious evils in the hack and slash combats.

Dungeon Striker

Dungeon Striker is the second online action title of Korea-based Eyedentity Games behind the noted Dragon Nest. Start right now your explorations in various dungeons where monsters are booming and treasure are scattered!

Legends of Aethereus

ThreeGates’ 3D action MMORPG Legends of Aethereus is now in its close beta test. Two playable characters—inventors and officers, a Nexus City-State, as well as a series of challenging quests are available. Sign for the test and get the first-hand gaming experience!

Path of Exile

The cut-throat fantasy world of Wraeclast is calling for dauntless heroes to rise up to venture through all caves and dungeons and have a trial of strength with the most ferocious monsters in Path of Exile! Six class options but no class-bounded restrictions, just go all out for your ultimate goal!

World of Mercenaries

World of Mercenaries is the latest skill-based FPS brought out by City Interactive to be exclusively available on PC. Powered by the Unreal Engine 3, the game focuses on a detailed weapon customization and team-based combats for progression.

Legend of Souls

You may trace some influence of Seven Souls Online in the recently released action MMO Legend of Souls, as the two share a same developer Neowiz CRS. The sexy figures and controversial gambling system have labeled the game as adult only.

Arctic Combat

A region abounds of precious natural resources is doomed to become the target of super powers—this rule not only applies in the mortal world, but is also feasible in the fictional world of Arctic Combat. Join in either AF or RSA and involve yourself in the scramble for oil and natural gas reserves.

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