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NGames Launched the Closed Beta for Anime Trumps

Sara Lau
Mar 14,2012  10:03 by

According to NGames, publisher of Pockie Ninja and Immortal King, they are launching the first server for Anime Trumps on March 14, 2012. Anime Trumps is a latest example of how Ngames combines the miscellaneous elements of Chinese gaming mechanics, Japanese anime and Maga characters into a heavyweight.

Despite the fast-growing trend in browser gaming and mobile gaming, Ngames said the content current browser-based games offer are all the same and even some games are just re-launched under a different title.

“Our first browser game title Pockie Ninja was launched last year, and till now there are millions of players playing this game.” Said Ngames, “This makes us come up with a new idea that we try to combine all the popular characters into a jetpack. Anime Trumps is just what we have been doing. With Anime Trump, we believe that we could bring a new wave of browser gaming”.

Starting today, the closed beta test runs 14 days from March 14 to March 28, during which, players can play the game as they normally do. But all data will be wiped out after the closed beta comes to an end.

In a press release officially issued by Ngames, it explains how the game works under such a complicated combo. To summarize, the game has 4 types of roles: Master Assist, Revolt and Betray. And players can expect to play in 1vs 1 and 3vs 3 mode by organizing their Card deck, which, as it turns out, consists of 53 Basic Cards, 20 Equipment Cards,31 Magic Cards and 4 Scene Cards.

Playing Anime Trumps would be reminiscent of the classic board game Bang!, a wild west-themed card game by Emiliano Sciarra. The gaming mechanics is pretty much identical to Sanguosha, one of Chinese casual online games by Shanda.

One question looms: does Ngames own the copyright of those characters and contents? Is Ngames trying to copy the success (pay-to-win) of Pockie Ninja, or just create a relatively balanced game? DotMMO stays focused on the game and will provide you with the latest updates.

Go to its official website and check it yourself. http://at.game321.com/

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  1. WatchHentai says:

    lol this game was great but too bad it started dying down

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