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Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest

Release Date:  March 28, 2013
Publisher:  NimbleBit
Developer:  NimbleBit
Genre:  RPG

Nimble Quest is an iOS game presented by NimbleBit LLC., which is already renowned for Pocket Planes and Tiny Towers.


This newly introduced freemium game is an evolved version of the old-school classic game Snake. Instead of an ever-growing snake formed of pixel squares, you will see an increasing line of adventurers (the upper limit is 11 heroes). The basic rules remain the same; you shall try to keep this forwarding line from hitting the walls, barriers, or enemies.

A pleasant surprise you will find in this game is that fantasy and RPG elements and magical skills are seamlessly knotted together. There are three adventurers you will own at the beginning: knight, archer, and sorcerer, each with a unique battling style. You can pick one as the leader and initiate your line with him/her. In each stage you will enter a different scene, and battle against monsters and enemies. Completing a stage will unlock a new adventurer (altogether 15 of them) and the Leader in the squad gains experience points if enemies are defeated. It is strongly recommended to approach your targets within a safe distance so that the adventurers could effectively attack enemies.

The pictures and interface style of Nimble Quest are both built with a dash of nostalgia, and will probably remind you of the old-school games like Dragon Quest a Nintendo family computer. After you destroy a target enemy, there’s a chance for a new hero or some new items to appear on the scene. Pick them up as a new hero will enlarge your line and firepower.


The gems can be used to upgrade your heroes and other items could provide a temporary buff on your leader or debuff on the enemies on the scene. The adventurers have some health points that will be reduced if they get attacked. You lose one of the following adventurers if their HP is reduced to zero; and you lose the game if your leader is dead. That means you should always approach your enemies tactically and try to avoid the enemies’ attacks.


As you unlock more adventurers and upgrade them, your line will be able to survive longer and attack faster and more fiercely. The longest line you could form can be consisted of 11 adventurers. Once a stage begins, your adventurers will not stop forwarding. The game only ends when this particular stage is cleared or your leader adventurer perishes. However, the adventurers who survive the last stage will still appear in the new stage and their HP will get a full recovery.

Nimble Quest is an enhanced version of Snake, yet it also possesses most of what makes it become a great RPG, including ratting, collecting trophy, and leveling-up. Concerning the teaming up mode in regular RPGs, it provides players with an alternative way to do this solo. It may appear to be a small game if you could play to kill time, yet it is less casual than one would assume. Once the game starts, it will be increasingly intense. as more heroes join the conga line. On the other hand, you can join a guild and contest with other players in special Guild Quests.

Overall, the game is challenging, addictive and imaginative.

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