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Ninja Showdown

Ninja Showdown

Release Date:  June, 2012
Publisher:  Noritown
Developer:  Noritown
Genre:  Strategy

Ninja Showdown is a strategy title that focuses heavily on battles with ninjas as the only participants. Players role play as the ninja masters, manage and expand a base, and command the ninjas in battles.


Deploy a Shuriken Tower, a Rice Mill, a Lumber Mill, and a house, train some Kata ninjas and you will be ready for battles. The dispatching mechanics resembles that of the Final Eden where you hire various units and place the units outside enemy base before the battles. In Ninja Showdown, you can click the desired ninja in the bottom and then place it where the place turns bright green once your mouse hover over the place.

There are times when you land your ninjas outside an enemy base but they just stand idly and end up being mercilessly killed. In that case, you have to hold Space key, hold the left button of your mouse, and draw a rectangle that surrounds all the inactive ninjas. When the spots those ninjas are standing on are in bright green, they are already at your service. You can just click a structure or an enemy to use as targets and those ninjas will go destroy the target. If only one ninja is involved, you could do that by just clicking it on the body and then clicking the target.

Between battles, you could place your ninjas in your base for self-healing. There is this one named Hanzo who doesn’t die no matter how many times it is defeated, which is never the case when it comes to the ones that I train in the Weapon Ninja Hall.

By the way, after your ninjas recover, you must store them in inventory so that they will be available next time you are in battle. To do that, you must click the big Shop button on the right bottom, open the Ninja Inventory tab, click the concerned ninjas, and then click the fourth button from the right above the Ninja panel.

Newbie players enjoy a 5-day protection time from other players. But that doesn’t mean you are free from invasions launched by NPCs. Every now and then, a squad of unidentified ninjas would come from a random direction to destroy my structures and battle my ninjas. None of those invasions is successful but all of them have consumed my ninjas and therefore I have to go back to the Weapon Ninja Hall for training new forces all the time.

Once you slay all the invaders, you have to collect their corpses, in a very, very sick way. A pair of red chopsticks appears above the dead bodies. You click each of the bodies and gather them just like you are having Chinese food. I’m thinking I’m gonna have problems in eating anything using chopsticks in the following days.

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