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Release Date:  10/2011
Publisher:  Lekool, Europe Entertainment, S.R.L.
Developer:  DREAM²

Ninjawaz (also known as Pockie Ninja, and Mini Ninja) is a F2P anime-themed MMORPG developed by Dream Games and published by Lekool and Europe Entertainment, S.R.L.. Different from other games of the genre, Ninjawaz has attracted lots of attention even before its official release because it is based on two popular Japanese anime series, including Naruto and Bleach. As a result, you can slip into the role of your favorite ninja hero and interact with other familiar characters in a wondrous yet turbulent world.

The once-peaceful City of Angels is being constantly assaulted by hordes of monsters and legions of samurais. After years of conflicts, innocent residents are reaching the verge of breakdown. Are you willing to lose your beloved country and compatriots without a fight? No way! On the contrary, you bravely accept an epic mission of becoming a ninja, defeating all evildoers and ending the warring chaos. An eventful yet memorable adventure will soon kick off. Are you ready?

As previously mentioned, Ninjawaz possesses irresistible charm to anime enthusiasts because it includes hundreds of globally-admired cartoon characters. The best part is that you can be closely involved in their conquest as an indispensable part of the ninja squad. It is like a dream coming true in the fantasy world.

Apart from its innovative design ideology, Ninjawaz is also regarded as a laudable hodgepodge of unique features. For example, you are allowed to transform into multiple cartoon roles and engage in different professions with one avatar. This kind of unrestrained character cultivation is certainly unparalleled among traditional RPGs in the market. To boost up the strength of your ninja, you are advised to get well-equipped with advanced armors and weapons which can be won via quests or raids. If you are confident about your craftsmanship, you can also take advantage of crafting system to assemble amassed items into all kinds of powerful objects.

Probably, you often get satiated with the monotonous appearance of your role, but this kind of situation will never happen in Ninjawaz. The reason is that Ninjawaz boasts an outfit-changing system, enabling you to dress up your ninja with fabulous clothes and gorgeous accessories. Unleash your aesthetic appreciation, choose a set of exquisite outfits and build the prettiest ninja hero in Ninjawaz!

Last but not least, Ninjawaz also gives you a chance to grow your own pet which can be of great assistance during fierce confrontations. Similar to ninja characters, each pet also has its special skills and abilities, so it is important to raise a loyal pet that can help you optimize your defense and attack power. With an adorable buddy at your side, you will not feel lonely in the adventurous journey in Ninjawaz. Hurry up to save the world!

5 Comments on Ninjawaz


  1. Rideorlive says:

    Hmm, good game

  2. BG4Linux says:

    Mind Numbingly Boring game, OK for very small kids you like clicking the mouse to make nice cartoons appear.

  3. Xxzozaxx says:

    wow good game
    wow good game

  4. komolas says:


  5. sasuke says:

    how do you save ur game?

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