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NosTale Browser Version Review

Sara Lau
May 9,2012  02:05 by

Getting started with a 3D game is never easy, at least for me. Tons of tips are there for you to keep in mind, hundreds of monsters to be killed, and scores of NPCs to chat with.

NosTale, to be honest, is something difficult to classify. With lousy 3D scenes, 2D figures, limited range of angles among which you can change the perspective, this game throws me out of my comfort zone the minute I started it.

I didn’t know what to say when I saw the self-deceiving propaganda on the official website reading: In only 30 seconds you can be in the game – regardless of where you are in the world, NosVille is by your side! It took me more than an hour to load the game, during which I was totally confused as to the reason that drove the transformation of this originally client-based game into a browser-based one, which could easily kill someone with its awfully slow loading. I guess I was on the Mars or something.

Entering the game, you will have conversation with an NPC. After a few clicking following the arrows, I was completely at lost when I was supposed to complete my first main quest – kill five Baby Danders. Without helpful maps, direct transportation or automatic navigation to direct me to the Baby Danders, where or even which scene the quest target could be found, and having not the faintest idea of what a dander is or how does it look like, I wandered around. I visited several maps and finally did find the monsters. By that time, I had accumulated enough anger and hatred that it felt so good to kill the Baby Danders and claim rewards. There are times when arrows appear and guide me to the right direction, but that doesn’t happen as much as you would expect. And when it comes to a quest charging me with killing Danders, I didn’t know where to go. I saw Baby Danders on my way and really wished I could ask anyone of them: hey girl, where is your mother? If they would ever respond.

A highlight of this game is the pet capturing and manipulating. It is often the case in games that as long as you defeat the target animal, it will be ready to be collected as your pet. That is not true in NosTale. Choose a chicken (which I really prefer calling it cock) that is available for capture, attack it, and when its HP bar turns yellow, or to be specific, when its HP value drops below 50, you have to click the capture skill to have it as a pet. But since the battle is automatically conducted after you double clicking the target animal, more often than not you will kill them rather than collect them. I mistakenly killed more than 10 chickens before somehow managing to capture one.

Tutorials are scattered throughout the game and tips come out when necessary. Game Guide is provided near bottom right where players can go back to the tutorials. Cute characters and diversified environment are pure delights themselves. But you have to remember that pressing ESC will never get you out of the fullscreen mode. To enable or disable fullscreen, you can merely press F11. NosTale, however, is not a game for 3D newbie gamers on any account.

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  1. nikko says:

    waw! verygud!

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